Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seed Capital to Abolish Food Deserts

Seed Capital to Abolish Food Deserts
From the Cyber Pen of Sasteh Meter Mosley   
November 6th, 2011

To download your Application links: http://www.emwot.ws 

Over the last three years, I have worked with many of you individually to gain more Food Sovereignty for the residents of the East side of Kansas City.  Now I would like to present a funding stream here in Kansas City that can provide the necessary start-up funds for farms, community food projects, stipends for workers, infrastructure for existing pantries, land acquisition, or any other reasonable expenses to wash away any obstacle to producing healthy foods. I am in Oakland, California for the Community Food Security Coalitions with thousands of other in the country that realize we have to take the next step in the Food Movement.
With the announcement that Aldi will open in 2011, It was suggested that the Food Desert in East Kansas City, MO will be eliminated.  Unfortunately, the definition of having a grocery store within a mile (12 city blocks) is woefully inadequate to address the nutritional challenges of low income and high health risk residents.  Several organizations have convened groups to define solutions: 
1.  2008 NBUF Food System meetings at Dubois Learning Center with Bill Grace (DLC), The Beys (Moorish Science Temple), Kenyattas (Seed Restaurant), and Sasteh Mosley (Amen Christ Temple)
2.  2009 Black Agenda Group present Jim Nunley Training on Health Care Foundation, Rosa James (NAACP), Carol Coe, Debra Mann (Emmanuel Community Center)
3.  2009 Stimulus Funds Economic Development Meetings on Creation of Green Jobs (Urban Farming), Marlon Hammonds and Sasteh Mosley, Craig Bland (Freedom Inc), Clyde McQueen (FEC), Ken Bacchus (Economic Development Chair BAG and Freedom Inc.), Carol Coe (Convener), 19 other Activists
4.  2010 Urban Farming Ordinance and Food Policy Summit,  Beth Gothstein (Organizer), Terry Riley, Sharon Sanders Brooks, Cindy Circo, Melba Curls, John Sharp, and Ed Ford (Ten Voted in Favor of Ordinance), KCCUA, GCFPC, Bad Seed, EMWOT, Green Acres
5.  2011 Urban Farm Movement, Will Allen Abolish the Food Desert Event by Green Acres, Chicken Ordinance KCMO, Green Acres Urban Farm and Research Project Aquaponics Program (KCMO, KCMSD, BEU), EMWOT Urban Farm initiatives and services (Real Estate and Land Acquisition for farming, Farm Tours, At-Risk-Youth with Green Careers, Tilling Services, Music CDs, Health Classes), Get Growing Kansas City (CultivateKC.org, KC Community Gardens, and Lincoln University) Adenike AmenRa (AmenRa ParAnkh- Urban Farms, Wheatgrass, Food Preservation Classes)
Let's all take the next step in this movement.  As other movements plan to come into the East side of Kansas City, let’s make sure we continue to do the work to ensure that residents have the healthy, locally grown food they need to be successful.  Let's get these applications in, help others submit them, pass them on to those who are willing to work for a healthier city.  This seed capital can help those with tight budgets do something fun to help them feed themselves, support farm businesses that can hire people, and help existing organizations get into the "teach how to fish" side of feeding people. 
 Please forward this information to the gardeners, farmers, and community leaders you know.  I can provide technical assistance, group presentations, and free workshops to assist in getting the applications complete. 
Sasteh Mosley
CEO of EMWOT (East Meets West of Troost), (816) 304-7240 and
Team Member Get Growing Kansas City (Zip Codes 64128 and 66104), (913) 279-1461