Monday, June 15, 2015

The Minstrel Cycles of Race Privilage

What are we saying to our young Melanin girls in a world of racism and the aftermath of self-hate and Maafa syndrome?

We know that Race is a political/Socio Construct. This construct was designed and agreed about, by a global minority for control of people of color. THERE IS NO "RACE"!

All Humans come from the Ancestry of The African Woman's EVE GENE! So this means that all "so-called" Native Americans, Asians, Arabs, Chinese, You-Name-It, HAVE AFRICAN ANCESTRY and are NATIONS-NOT RACES! These People of Color have DENIED their AFRICAN ANCESTORS and ANCESTRY to PLAY in the RACE GAME

Caucasian people are melanin recessive. They do not possess the Eve Gene. They are of the Neanderthal RNA. 

Yet, Racism/ white supremacy and white privilege are alive and well in the mentality of the U.S. and in every western imperialist social structure.


Historically, caucasian women have used their privileges for their advantage, in usurping anything they want in their favor. They have always played their roles for convenience, in the segregation and disadvantage of Melanin peoples. They designed and washed the blood stains from the white robes of Race supremacy. They beat their maids and orphaned mulatto children. Caucasian women have often sexually harassed, threatened to cry rape or brazenly walked over to take, whatever they wanted from Melininated peoples, using our lives like an animal hide around their shoulders.

Now Dolezal goes unchallenged, masquerading in a culture she doesn't belong, while so many of our people have suffered and struggled in colonialism and cultural genocide.

Caucasians have massacred, pirated, squandered our children, land and resources for centuries. Now this creature seeks to pirate African melanin identity and appropriates our names.
Cavorting herself as an African Queen of the Jungle for amusement, in a mockery of African cultures

Names are given- Not taken or bought in our cultures.

This sick pathetic critter epitomizes the US system of Race privilege! She projected her childhood molestation and abuse into a convenient identity. The paradox is historical, when most female caucasoids would cry rape against a black man for the attention and sympathy, or travel in seclusion, looking for ways to engage in black exploitation and prostitution,... this woman finds Black Male specimens to exploit, then adopts other black male youth as victims into her menagerie of the most oppressed and voiceless people on the planet. She wears the veil of our beautiful, yet despised melanin skin and coils her hair everyday as a masquerade!
Savage parody of black Americans, Mistral Shows were an attack on the equality and freedom of African Americans. Caucasian performers would blacken their faces with burnt cork or greasepaint, dress in outlandish costumes, and then perform songs and skits that mocked African Americans. Some of the most famous songs in American history--Dixie, Camptown Races, Oh Sussanah, My Old Kentucky Home--began as minstrel songs.

So many melaninated people are expressing a permissive attitude in the controversy of this impostor, Rachel Dolezal and the brazenness of her reverse racism stunt. My concern about this race trader traitor is in how many times she had undermined and sold out Black people while seeking to hold the highest salaried positions as an educator and a political representative, advancing American African people?! How many critical decisions did she ignore or misdirect in her ignorance? How often did she dumb down strategic choices for the so-called "best interest" of our people. Like a Caucasian mother of a mulatto child, who doesn't know how to care for their daughter's hair, or does not teach her any Afrikan values, the subtle insinuations and neglect of critical milestones can be devastating and set back progressive achievement for decades.

Caucasian women have often expressed a fetish, brazenly sexually harassed, or threatened to cry rape, to take whatever they want from our people, using our lives like an animal hide around their shoulders.
This caucasian goes unchallenged, appropriating and masquerading in a culture she doesn't belong. The paradox is reading the indifference and approval of so many Melaninated people, while so many of our people still struggle with self hatred, misogyny, humanity, economic survival, and their own identities, in colonialism and cultural genocide.
Caucasians have historically massacred, pirated, squandered our children, land and resources for centuries. Now this creature continues to seek attention, as an exhibitionist, while she steals whatever she wants with impunity. Now she appropriates our names, using a legal system that has never, favored the empowerment, humanity, autonomy and sovereignty of melaninated people, globally. In our culture, Names are given- Not taken or bought.
This woman LIED, deceived and positioned herself in high rank and visibility as an impostor, moving herself to the highest paying leadership roles and representations. She wore a mask Everyday, as she looked into the mirror and rubbed tanning lotions into her skin and put a wig or weave on her head to present herself in public, and to further use young children as a human shield.


Yet this US imperialist society plays the skin game everyday with people of color all over the globe. The race supremacist have lynched melanin people from our motherland, as well as native American/free people of color. Then after reconstruction, with the destruction of Black Wall streets, Share cropping, redlining, Black Codes and Jim Crow laws that are still on the books; They further destroyed our economic foundations by removing us from our land and businesses to this day. Race supremacy also destroyed Affirmative Action, enabling further progress and opportunities for inherited wealth. And don't forget the debacle of integration with racial profiling for police brutality the school to prison pipeline, mass incarceration and private corporate prisons for the military industrial complex which is neo-chattel slavery.

So, my question is how many more spies and agents of status quo do we have in our camps- reporting back to massa? How many Black people play hypocritical roles of Black Power Activists while being married to caucasoids? Historically Afrikan women were horrendously Exploited, raped and abused. With chattel slavery rendering our black mothers as sub human, forced to breed children as a commodity for the slave trade, experimentation and perverted sexual exploits. We've had an unfortunate history of mulatto children who were encouraged to "pass as white," or who were specifically bred to be used as concubines and mistresses by caucasians, such as in New Orleans. Yet, the worst race traitors that we have, are Black Americans,

Many American African refuse to acknowledge their African Ancestry
in deference to their ignorance of historical and cultural knowledge of themselves.

These Negropeons demonstrate their self-hatred publicly, by not fostering and supporting our own products and manufacturing of goods and services, in buying out the cosmetic industry of skin and hair bleach, hair straightening, weaves, and nose cosmetic surgeries. They sing the song of color blindness and that "we are all the same under the skin." This is only the song of assimilated token negros who have accepted the programming of the conquered. So these conquered negropeons continue to live in their integrated suburbs, send their infants to be raised in that system, and their youth to be miss educated in these school to prison pipelines, eating their GMO foods, practicing their religions and submitting to their drugs and surgical procedures.

Another disturbing reality of Self Hate is how so many of our melanin people suffer from Black doll/white doll syndrome. Some call it Stockholm syndrome (I call it Maafa Syndrome a much older phenomena), where many Black people act as model assimilationist/integrationist, who dwell among us and sell out our people.

Our people have been wearing the coon black face of entertainment for centuries.

"You can put lipstick on a pig but she is still a pig"...

Dolezal portrayed traitorous deceit against Melanin People. No caucasoid can ever advocate or speak for me! Let them take the beam out of their own eyes!

Some may say that she is being used as a distraction.

Of course there are many critical issues happening simultaneously. We have forgotten about the hundreds of girls who were abducted for kidnapping ransom and rape, We have forgotten about the genocide of the Melanin people Globally, for land rites to appropriate fossil fuels and toxic minerals of mass destruction and We have forgotten about the destruction of Afrikan civilization through Ebola and HIV, We have forgotten about HAARP Destruction of Haiti- for land grab and oil fracking and then to be re-occupied by the French... We are overwhelmed and saturated with the assaults of our youth by police officers- still waiting for superman or chocolate Je-w+Zeus to come and save the day... We just sit back and let our oppressor run our lives, asleep and completely oblivious that it is even happening.

Remember that some people of color still recognize Clinton as the first "black" President. So as we permit Rachel on her minstrel cycle, and other's like her, this should make it easier to except his senile Hilary in office to accelerate their HAARP- White Water Real Estate hustles on Haiti and the rest of the world!