Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Original Trinity- Mother and Sun Reunion

The Original Holy Trinity Is The Mother, Son and Holy Spirit.

Maat, Auset, Het Heru, Bess, Baset, Tefnut, Kapara, Ankh, etc., were all Universal Feminine Spiritual principles of Life... Even Ma-Ra, Ma-re/Mary, Ma-N/ Ma-sun/Mason are all connected to the universal feminine energy of Creation.

Nuta is heaven,
She represents the Youniverse and the womb creation of life.
She is alway giving birth to new stars...
The only men are god- 3 men in one patriarchy- is the "gay agenda"
for caucasoid race supremacy. 
This is the spell that has been cast
to keep our people asleep and subordinate...

Most disturbing, is Our Wombmen are STILL partaking in these Men only religions that do not include the for, grace or balance of them! In fact they are considered cursed sinners

ALL HUE-MAN BEINGS COME FROM THE OLDEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!  The Twa Khoisan are the oldest people who are still living on the planet! They are the Forest Dwellers and the Gatherer hunters.... Their presence has been discovered all over the planet! They carried the distinct understanding of the Astronomical, Nautical, Arial, Radiation, Biochemical, Empirical and Spiritual principles of life. They are masters of the the seasons, the weather, etc. for optimal existence on the planet.
Bes is the guardian and protector of Family. She encourages childbirth and the perpetuation of life.
 You can find her image represented all over the planet! She is the Maji of all civilizations.
EVERY COLOR COMES FROM BLACK! WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF NU/MA! Our first people were Women. Men are the sons of God, who came later... We must break the spell of lies that there are races. Race is a political construct to conquer and control all people of color and subject them to the domination of Yurugu Caucasoid invader of our natural world... BLACK WOMEN are the first people of the planet! NOT ONLY AFRAKA! "IN- the beginning God, created the Heavens and the Earth! OUR ANCESTORS WERE THE TWA KHOISAN- BES- IS the Twa mother (Taweret) she travelled all over the planet to raise the pyramids of the 14 pieces of Asr. Every society was given an example of Nut/Ma/Ast the Queen mother- and her only begotten sun Ra/Heru. The Patriarchs Are the Yurugu rebellious sons who lifted up the Sun over his mother Nut/Ma/Ast. They changed the icon of god from the Matriarchal Ankh/Womb to the Cross/Phallus. Then they lightened his complexion to appeal to the great white hopes of imperialist invader Yurugus...

Our Ancient Ancestors Worshiped the Great Mother conceived through the Sun Star. Our original Paradigm was Nu- the primordial Waters, Nut and Ma is the Yoniverse and the sacred sound MaaaaoooooMaaaa (This is AOM backwards!)

It seemed to the commoner, that the young scarab beetles emerged spontaneously from the burrow where they were born. They were worshiped as "Khepera", "she who came forth." This creative aspect of the scarab was associated with the creator G0d Amen/Atum.

Millions of amulets and stamp seals of stone, metal or wood were fashioned in the depiction of the scarab beetle.

The ray-like antenna on the beetle's head and its practice of dung-rolling caused the beetle to also carry solar symbolism. The scarab-beetle G0d Khepera was believed to push the setting sun along the sky in the same manner as the beetle with her ball of dung. In many artifacts, the scarab is depicted pushing the sun along its course in the sky.

Dung beetles are currently the only known insect to navigate and orient themselves using the Milky Way

The Khapra beetle is renown by the ancients for laying her eggs in dung and rolling it underground. The hatch-lings feed on the nutrients of the cow dung and arise from the earth- "reborn!" or resurrected.

The scarab beetle (kheprer) rolls balls of dung across the ground, an act that the KMT (Egyptians) saw as a symbol of the forces that move the sun across the sky. Khepri was thus a solar deity. Young dung beetles, having been laid as eggs within the dung ball, emerge from it fully formed. Therefore, Khepri also represented creation and rebirth, and she was specifically connected with the rising sun and the mythical creation of the world. The Egyptians connected her name with the Egyptian language verb kheper, meaning "develop" or "come into being". Kheper, or (Xeper) is a transcription of an ancient Egyptian word meaning to come into being, to change, to occur, to happen, to exist, to bring about, to create, etc.

To this day the Catholics still worship the Black Madonna in secret!

Holy Madonna Auset conceived her only begotten Sun Heru from the spirit of the Lord of the perfect Black Ausar! After Ausar was murdered by his jealous brother Set...

Patriarchy has cast a deep sleep spell on our people...

The Yoniverse has shaken us- to awaken us!

Until we return to the Mother principle of MA, the divine matriarchy, we will never truly arise as a people! 

Nuta Beqsu, is a "Queen Ma" of many Suns, Daughters, Grand Princesses and Princes, living in the urban Kansas City Area. With a Mission to provide solutions to the cycles of violence, health disparities, poverty, and inequalities in wealth, she opened the Amen Par Ankh, a Natural Life Center, and Amen Ankh Academy and Homeschool network of Industrial arts. This is a green space for Home Scholars, an Independent Library and Home Blessings and Notions. She presently available for Consultations, Workshops Edutainment and lectures. currently working with grief counseling making Dolls for mothers who have suffered loss of their children. A Teacher, Priestess, Minister, Life coach, blogger and respected public speaker and educator who has conducted several workshops at various organizations, served as a panelist and as keynote speaker at regional meetings. She has a monthly call-in or listen online- Radio show (347)989-8505. Nuta Beqsu means (heaven gives me balance) This is an ancient KMT language the is still in practice today. Nu, Nut, & Ta are Elemental powers of the Heavens: Nu is Moisture, and Water. Nut is the Celestial Sky goddess. She represents the cosmos and the universe. The Universe is always giving birth to new solar systems and stars. Ta is the original word for land and Queendoms of our ancient Matriarchal societies. Our land is our home, and the place for the empirical existence where we learn form our experiences. She seeks to live in balance between the planetary and heavenly existences. We are all connected to the land, trees, microcosm and macrocosm, Inner verse and universe. Nuta Beqsu (heaven gives me balance) will be programmed into conscious spirit, to produce thought sequences to direct a course of action as way to achieve successfulness in life. Visualization is thought converted into a pleasurable visual image(s) to achieve a goal and/or purpose. We connect with Divine Power to guide and direct our pathways. As a divine name is spoken the receiver has unity of direction in life. Her name reflects her Destiny. So, the sight Sound, vision, smells and colors associated with a divine name will give guidance in her pathway. As a Minister and Director at Amen Par Ankh and Ankh Amen Ankh Academy, we offer Ancestor Libation Ceremony, Consultations and Life Coaching for Destiny, Name, Health, Career and Relationships. Afrikan Wedding planning and officiate services, Home and Business Blessings, Naming, Birth Blessings, Domestic Engineering, Ascension services, Lectures, and edutainment- Storytelling, Music, Dance, Youth Outreach and economic Literacy, Travel agency, Insurance Referrals and STEMM(science technology engineering mathematics medicine) Career introduction called You GROWW Girls- Teach a Girl, Heal a Nation GROWW means (Gaining, Resilience, Opportunity, Wellness and Wisdom) Call for your appointment: 816-839-7945 Feel free to Contact the Amen Ankh Urban Farm... or Please like our facebook pages: , , ,