Thursday, November 13, 2014

All The Sistars and Queens Out There: (MUST READ) Commandments For Self Love


By: Queen Ma Nuta Beqsu Moses aka Adenike Amen-Ra (C) 2014

My Dear Beautiful Melanin Queens and Sistars! Know Thyself- You are a living soul having a human experience. You dwell in a Sacred Goddess Temple. You are one body, mind and spirit connected to all life in a conscious collective. Love the gift of the skin that you wear! Love thyself and Love one another.
Take care of your Body as your Sacred Living Temple- to Clean, Care for, Cultivate and Nourish. Breathe on purpose. Meditate and Envision your positive desires. Feel your heartbeat. Stop and smell the flowers. Think positive pleasant beautiful thoughts and speak Positive affirmations. Look and listen to beauty and harmony. Taste the nourishing energy of health and wellness to your body. Surround yourself with positive people who love you for you. We are Eve.  Black Women are the Ankh and the Womb- foundation of life and Civilization.  The oldest bones on the planet, Eve/ Lucy have been found in East Central Afrika, millions of years ago! So, Our-story does not begin with 400 years of US enslavement! Our Ancestors have been on the planet for more than 400 years. Our Ancestors go back in time to the very foundation of human life and the Queen Mothers of civilization. Learn your Roots and family heritage -to RESTORE YOUR INDIGO MINDS!

In reference to the Maury "Who's-da-daddy?"/ Jerry Springier show-and-tell Fiascoes... Our Black Women need to come together as Sistars and not farm and garden tools...
There is no accusation, blame, or lie games going on here. So Many of our Melanin Indigo Women and Men, have literally sold themselves and their children to the DEVIL, for the price of a free DNA test, to an International public spectacle, arena circus! The Tell-Lie-Vision has done a number on our people to program and brainwash- and send us to the sunken place! Who taught our people that promiscuity adultery, fornication, and homosexuality was OK?

Quoting Dr. Amos Wilson: "What last names do you identify yourself with? What language do you speak? Who's picture is on the money that you slave for? Who's clothing do you wear? Who's Cosmetics do you wipe on your face, Who's hair do you wear? Who's food do you Eat? What Schools do we take our children to?

The Roman empire, used to throw people into an arena to be consumed by Lions. Now our queen mother's are consumed by lying- to themselves,- Lying down like dogs -with dogs, and getting up with the flees! We must RE- MEM-BER! who we are and purpose, and heritage!

 KNOW-THY-SELF! We need to create more Indigo centered woman's circles, AND Men's circles for our Girls and Male youth to thrive in! SEX is a SACRED VORTEX! Our bodies are Sacred space ships. We are Sols have a human experience...
  1. Know your purpose -Nia. Walk in your Destiny and Health. Discipline, exercise and prepare your mind, body and spirit accordingly. If you don’t know your destiny, find a Natural Spiritual guide or counselor who can direct your path. Honor your elders and Ancestors in your walk and Cultivate your Spirit.    Connect to our Outreach: Amen Par Ankh (Sacred Temple of Life) Contact: Call/text: Queenma Nuta Beqsu Moses aka Adenike Amen-Ra 816-839-7945
  2. Health is Wealth- Develop healthy nurturing eating and drinking habits. Get plenty of rest and exercise. Most of our ailments are caused by sleep deprivation and dehydration. Always breakfast and avoid sweets. Drink plenty of water. We are more water than anything else. Avoid dead white acid foods. Keep your teeth Clean/floss. Read labels. Avoid GMOs, fluoride and other toxic chemicals in your food and drinks. Watch your Air, Water, and Land. We are dying more from what we put into our mouths than from homicide. African Americans suffer more than anyone in the US from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cancers. Return to eating a Mediterranean, diet with more Vegetables, Fruit and nuts and less Carbohydrates. If you prefer a little meat, eat it as a garnish. Live Life fresh and Naturally. You are what you eat- Garbage in -garbage out. Not only should good food go into your body temple, but also your skin, which is the largest area of your body.                       
  3. Your skin and hair are alive and need nourishment too. Use natural soaps, watch your make-up –some of their toxic effects are -vision loss. Acrylic Nails are toxic too. The chemicals that are spread onto your finger tips enter the nerve endings or wands of your spiritual or chakra energy. Be cautious of the illusions of wigs, weave dyes, bleaches, cosmetic surgery and perms etc. too. Know that every natural hair on your skin is the radiant antenna to the universe. Not only are you altering your hair, but your scalp too. Be careful of tattoos. Find out about the inks and needles going into your skin. Get to know who is touching and sending energy into your body- cooks, food growers, doctors, masseur-se, hairdressers, nail techs well as friends and lovers. Consider wearing natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, wool, leather or silk. So many people are polyester queens. It has been argued that breast and uterine cancers are caused by our skin absorbing these toxins from wearing nylon, acrylic, polyester circulation constricting undergarments and clothing as well as the Aluminum in antiperspirant deodorants. 
  4. Avoid - alcohol, drugs and smoking. They have killed so many others-Don’t allow them to take your life. Drugs, smoking and alcohol can waste your life in other ways too. Think about all of the hours of time and money that you had spent away destroying your vital organs, health, skin, teeth and appearance. You look back with shame and little accomplishments. Then you spend the rest of your life paying for surgery and medical care and then prescription drugs to save and restore your life and health and to take away pain. It’s a viscous cycle.
  5. Cultivate and Exercise your body and mind, Master Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Prayer. Go to sleep 90 minutes after sundown. At least sleep between 9pm and 2am to get optimal melatonin to your glands and chakra zones. Learn and Practice martial arts and self-defense. Reading IS fundamental. Not only is there so much comfort in a book. But there are so many self-help and creative resources to be gained. You have the power in the palm of your hand to download ebooks and audiobooks too. 
  6. Add value to yourself. Have your own ambitions, aspirations and goals. Don't be fooled that marriage and a partner will solve all your problems or that a Relationship and Children should be your only role. Remember the law of Attraction. 
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  7. Don't be in a hurry to move out of your parent’s house. You can still receive the value of being under their umbrella of protection for your safety and security. This is also a good strategy to build up your money and credit when you decide to move on your own.--- It is our Afrikan Centered custom to live and share in a communal structure of extended family and interdependence. Only in the US-western societies do you have a competitive, polarizing, individualized social structure that is alienating and isolating. This concept of independence, instead of interdependence, is counterproductive to true economics. Eco-Nomic-s is a family based system.                         
  8. Don't wait for a man and a relationship before you start living. You can live a fulfilled life as a single woman. Get plenty of healthy exercise and recreation. Find a hobby, Learn a skill: Cultivate a garden, Sing, sketch, Sew, learn a craft, Recycle, Clean out your clutter, make jewelry, Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Join a Choral group, Connect with younger youth and children as a mentor to pay forward a legacy. Write, read, visit, volunteer at seniors and children's hospitals, Join a study group, club or associations, etc.  
  9. Boredom isolation and loneliness can be uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. You must Love Yourself, believe in yourself and become your own best friend. Be realistic in who you are. We live in an addictive society where so many things are misused to replace or fill the holes and emptiness in our lives. Some use food, sex, or substance abuse. Some abuse or cut themselves, or cultivate bulimia and anorexia. Some become compulsive shop-a-holics to fill their voids, some shoplift for the thrill, etc.. This self-abuse can lead to obsessions and perverted fetishes and behaviors. Seek counseling from a qualified counselor, or seek group therapy.
  10. Walk in Dignity, Integrity and Virtue. Don't entertain wrong numbers calling you, especially late in the night. It's not the right way to find a companion. Be cautious with Internet dating too. It is also very rare that music clubs and bar scenes have had any success in finding real lasting companionship. Don't get misused, and pressured into thinking of sex as proof of love. Sex is not a proof for love; (he may still leave you after all that sweet sex.) Some men "live to work" some "work to live" Ultimately one should find a kindred spirit.
  11. Love is a verb. Love is not lust, infatuation, relief from loneliness, sexual attraction and pleasure. We often confuse love with lust. Women often compromise and give away their bodies and even get pregnant thinking that they will be loved. Men will often only give the “appearance” of love or interest in haste to get sexual pleasure. Remember that Sex is the bonding act of kindling Life, Spirituality and Creativity within the bond of a committed relationship. Historically, this society has irreparably broken the bonds of cultural kinships in melanin original peoples, that created a climate for support in marriage, family and community. It also does a poor job in cultivating men and women to be in loving committed relationships with no accountability or consequences. Too often we confuse love with pleasure. Love is not only a feeling. As true love is a verb, it is the trust, attitude and gestures demonstrated in the time, attention and devotion that partners show each other. People should first be friends and love each other without having sex. Yes the physical act of sex does raise the endorphin and dopamine in the brain, the same way that laughter, food, drinks, drugs, or any other pleasure does. (This might be how sex becomes addiction.) Sex is not only for the purpose of reproducing; in the heart of a committed relationship, the sex act is the spiritual and sacred trust and rekindling of the smoldering fire and bond of the relationship and family. There are many forms and ways to show Love. The best ways to get love is to first love and respect yourself. "Love- So many people use your name in vain..." We must reconsider our Kinship and Extended Family bonds to be reunited. Our Men must be reunited with solid family roles, Brothers, Uncles, and fathers should return to our children and our family based economics...
  12. Don't marry someone because they have money; else you'll just become one of their possessions. Don’t marry someone because YOU have money, a house, etc.; else you’ll just be a hostess for a sociopathic parasite, who will only misuse you until your are weakened, then walk away and move onto another hostess.
  13. Cultivate Your Dress Code. Dress well: first impressions count. People will judge you by your countenance, the way you look and choice of dress and accessories, even before they talk to you.. There are many non verbal communication messages in your dress, body piercings, tattoos, whether cultural, religious or in business.  Respect yourself, your Family, your Ancestors, values and Your Heritage as you walk before other young girls. Your integrity, ethics and your dress code display and reflect your character and where you came from. It is unspoken communication of your testimonial. Many people will respect and remember you because of your character, decency and modesty.

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