Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jamal Ali Ogun Ptah KhepeRa

Jamal Ali -Ogun Ptah KhepeRa

Transitions to the Aku

Author of HeartFire Rendezvous Triology,

Friday, November 4th, 2011

We Celebrate the life and acknowledge the transition of Jamal Ali also known as Ogun Ptah Khepera. May the Aku greet and embrace him with great celebration.

Rest well my Friend and Rejoice

YOU are Now a Diamond in the Night

About Jamal Ali

Jamal Ali, also known as Ogun Ptah and Khepera( a pseudonym) is an eclectic blend of independent scholar/historian, artist, engineering designer & esotericist. He has taught & lectured across the USA on topics ranging from the sacred architecture of Nile Valley civilizations, including their sciences, arts and symbolic languages (Ancient Nilotic Architecture: A Synthesis of Science, Religion & Philosophy [in work]) to the intersection of modern technology & ancient wisdom systems (Ogun in the 21st Century: The Connection Between Odu & Digital Technology [new edition due Winter '08]). He also made several contributions to the Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World, which was published by Cambridge University Press(1997), edited by Dr. Paul Oliver of Oxford Brookes University, England.

An engineering designer by profession, Ali is the author of over seven hundred poems, in addition to two novels(unpublished), a novella and numerous essays, articles, short stories and plays.

He was the editor of "The Electronic Drum", an early focused webblog found at http://electronicdrum.wordpress.com/about/.


He is the author of "Heart Fires Rendezvous", a three part adventure of many hearts, minds and our fantasies, of our possibilities of possibilities. The trilogy was published in December, 2010 written over his lifetime.

In rich detail, the Ali takes us into layers of tropical human civilizations, thick with spirit and ritual, science, magic and powers which have no name. Wisdom systems are woven in careful empathic mosaic, linking, overlaying and inclusive by paradigm. We discover niches of history often overlooked, see time through the eyes of ancient cultures and taste destiny as more than a fragrance for the mind. It becomes tangible, alluring, compelling...and we begin to remember, hidden stirrings within ourselves, those moments of wonder and connection linking us to the planet, instead of the world.

In this book, Jamal Ali leave us many gifts. Most of all he leaves himself.

To purchase his powerfully moving book, visit www.HeartFireRendezvousTrilogy.com



Listen to Jamal Ali in our interview with him on the launch of Heart Fire Rendezvous Also check out info on: Electronic Drum and Diamonds in the Night http://diamondsinthenight.wordpress.com/ .

Listen to an interview with the author, Jamal Ali on December 11, 2011 on

OUR COMMON GROUND http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ocg/2010/12/12/the-fireheart-rendezvous-triology-author-jamal-ali

Interview on Global People Link, with Andrea Knight

For direct links to the video interview segments


Part 2 of television interview on Global People Link, with Andrea Knight. Author Jamal Ali discusses his newly released adventure trilogy Heartfire Rendezvous. This segment includes the author reading the Adjikebu segment from Book II - The Crossing. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1508927444942

Jamal was and is a lover of Knowledge and Wisdom~
and some timeless truths are known fully
only once beyond the limitations
of temporal embodiment....
Pause amidst autumn's twilight,
imbibe the potent rush of a wind now freed
and you may find yourself inspired as I too have
with a fragrance familiar of cherished life laughing swirling~
it be Jamal Ali PtahOgun dancing through your soul and heart
a moment's loving pause before ascending unto the libraries of eternity....

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  1. Wow! Just found out today, January 12, 2014 that Jamal passed away in 2011. We grew up across the street from each other in Detroit, Michigan. We both went to Cass but we were so awkward as male and female that we never really got to know each other.

    I knew he was brainy and always admired him from afar. I remember many a day walking home from high school watching him walking with his briefcase dressed in a trench coat. One foine brother.

    He and my sister were in a relationship for a short time.

    I remember when he announced that he was sick and was selling his books to raise money for treatment. I just knew that he would recover because he seemed to be a health "nut." I was critical of him about not drinking alkaline water and green drinks to reverse the cancer. He was sure that he was doing everything possible to stay alive.

    Looking at his pictures, I would never have recognized him. So glad that I got a chance to see the face he took with him to the other side.

    Now, every time I perform libations I will add Jamal Ali.


    devotion, prema