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AMEN PAR ANKH Sacred Temple of Life: Trayvon Martin's Death Marks the End of a Post Rac...

Trayvon Martin's Death Marks the End of a Post Racial Society Delusion

 AMEN PAR ANKH Sacred Temple of Life: Trayvon Martin's Death Marks the End of a Post Rac...:

I wish to personally give honor and deepest sympathy to the TRAYVON MARTIN FAMILY!
I AM TRAYVON’s FAMILY! I feel his absence on this planet! I am his Sister, his cousins, his Aunt, his teacher, his grandmother, and I live in HIS world… I am so disappointed. My sons have been lynched by the “Just-Us” of this society, far too long. My outrage and distrust in the US civic and legal system isn't just about "z" anymore it is about our own self-determination in controlling an oppressive power structure- that systematically emasculates and dehumanizes our men and censors and manipulates the mass media. "z" was only their attack dog for the status quo of gentrification of commercial businesses and real estate. So he only served the interests of that status quo... For our young men to be on an unspoken curfew- and invisible redline, where they cannot go out at night to buy the toxic waste of GMO high fructose Candy and Tea is a paradox. We work at their jobs, buy from their stores, eat their junk foods, We rent from them- Instead of organizing to create and own OUR world. Trayvon was profiled by someone who has inserted the alien oppressive stereotypes of this society. Mexicans and other Latin speaking people have often leaped in and out of the WASP Privileged society structure for their own survival. All they have to do is deny their culture and speak English. We call this "Passing." “z” considers himself to be a part of this “WASP” (White Arrogant Society of the Privileged.) This brainwashed attack dog is now celebrated and financially supported by these same WASP gated communities and political organizations! 

Trayvon still matters today. The legacy of this young man’s life and his traumatic destruction and miscarriage of justice, reverberates, echoes and metastasizes as a symbol in so many matters of day to day prejudices, bigotry, stereotypes, sentiments, attitudes and actions toward our Black youth in the U.S. 

Currently, in Kansas City, our youth are being racially profiled, corralled and blocked out of public access areas in Kansas City. They have shut our youth out of Swope Park, The Country Club Plaza, Westport, the 39th street shopping area, and The Power and Light district.

Here in KC we have the Country Club Plaza - The first Gated Community built by JC Nichols, for "white flight" from Integration, and the Power and "Light- white- Reich" districts for example, that are heralded as elite commercial and tourism attractions. 

The Power and Light District is presently a commercial business organization that has put in place watchdog security strategies that have stereotyped our Afrikan American males in particular and instituted their dress codes that attack the cultural attire of Afrikan Americans. They have also attacked Afrikan American business owners and discouraged patronage by sending city officials to nitpick and pass out city code citations, while the police, harass the patrons in the parking lots and on their way home. To address this blatant discrimination, our young people staged a “White Tee-Shirt” Protest in 2008… , Very little was changed. Even Afrikan American community leaders, dressed in full traditional Afrikan Attire, have been thrown out of businesses in this district.

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The Country Club Plaza - Was the first Gated Community built by JC Nichols, for "white flight" from Integration. There was a time when Blacks were not allowed to live passed 24th street, and The Plaza was a segregated area where only Black menial workers and maids were allowed to enter. They also had "Sundown Laws" in place after 6pm. Presently this area has the only local movie theater in the midtown metro area. This has created an uproar and complaints against Black youth who are seen around the fountains and high price tagged shops. KC Black parents are not organized to chaperon and self-police our youth from their own neighborhoods or sufficiently provide mentorship and assistance for struggling single parents,  or carpool and provide transportation for the youth to go in public areas. Black people are expressing so much self-hatred toward our youth, and yet, we are ignoring the fact that we are all steadily being harassed, detained, picked off and quarantined by the police, targeting mostly the blighted zip code areas where many Black elderly, disabled, lower income single parents and those on fixed incomes are concentrated.

Now on the south side of Kansas City, they are building a new nuclear weapons plant facility for the military industrial complex, while tearing down the old, Honeywell/Bendix nuclear weapons plant- to create one great Brownfield area. In the heart of the midtown area, the city builds a brand new police campus that includes a forensic lab (as if there is an anticipation of more death by murder and crime.) Prior to this multi-million dollar building project, many of the Black Homeowners (often elderly and on fixed incomes) were forced out of their properties, without even a fair market replacement value, which prevented them from restoring their lives and being able to move into another home that was comparable to their existing way of life. The Public Education system formulated an attack against the homegrown Afrikan Centered School to replace it with a doppelganger Afro-themed construct. 

In effect, our youth are being systematically captured, fingerprinted, photographed and branded as juvenile delinquents to be treated as refugees in their own residential areas. This seems like our youth are pre-sentenced for the prison Industrial complex. The paradox of federal penitentiaries is that the tax dollars are now given to the rural areas for each prisoner, where the majority of these prisons are built- in many cases ON THE SAME LAND THAT WAS ONCE USED AS SLAVE PLANTATIONS! So even more money is siphoned out of the Black economy and neighborhoods.

What I find most disturbing is the apathy! In any other community, If we found 2 youth per week, murdered, or missing, there would be an international moratorium until there is an end to this tragedy! Yet this IS happening, all over the world, to people of color. Black families, overwhelmingly are not involved in the foster parents provider system. The majority of the children who are left orphaned by our imprisoned fathers and mothers, are also left vulnerable, so that the cycle perpetually continues. To compound this, Afrikan Americans are dying MORE from stress, and contaminated foods to mitigate what I call the hand of death and disease, Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Cancers!

It is so sad mediocre and typical to hear House Negropeons attempt to rationalize a “post racial society” when it is nonexistent. I speak of arrogant classism and privilege in the oppression of man’s inhumanity against man and in opposition to our struggle for human rights in which African American leaders were slaughtered, lynched and detoured from the successful achievement of economic acquisition by Cointelpro. If you would only research the profound disparities in relationship to police and civil brutality and murder of African American Men, and the prison industrial complex, You would know that the odds are stacked against our people. 
YES I AM ANGRY -I am outraged, and very hurt about the continual and systematic injustices toward Afrikan American Men, and those who seek to rationalize and justify the wholesale lynching, murder, disenfranchisement and neo-slavery of our men from the third grade- to special education and the penitentiary. This is a cycle of violence and terrorism that our young men are daily introduced to. I had a Father and Mother in my household, with Brothers, Uncles, Sons, Students, and Grandsons that need more than just their fathers and mothers together in the household, a basketball hoop and an integrated “Kum-ba-ya”. They need to know how to live, survive and maneuver in a world of apathy, callused bigots, institutionalized psychopathic racism, invisible redlining and a treacherous civil and legal system!

Trayvon Martin also had a father and mother in his household- Trayvon went out on the night of his murder, at the request of his little brother, and was never able to make it back home to his family or his little brother- to be a role model and a big brother to him! Yet even though Trayvon was innocent of any crime, he was caught up in the system and a world of prejudice and stereotypes and at the mercy of a no-win system of heartless, opportunist vigilantes that have targeted our young men for genocide and mentacide.

YES! We have the same rights to our own Kujichagulia (Self-determination) -in building our own self- sustainable economic communities, just as Latinos, Mormons, Jewish, Native Americans, Chinese, Mennonites, Islamic, Italian, Japanese, Koreans, Buddhist, Taiwanese, and other communities have. WE NEED OUR OWN small businesses, land, resources, energy, militias, and police and private security! We DON’T NEED TO LIVE AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS IN A society that still views Afrikan Americans as a “sub-class.”

I AM TRAYVON’s FAMILY. I am his mother, his aunt, his cousins, his sister, his teacher, his grandmother, and I live in HIS world… I have a right to grieve the loss of my son without the typical middle class conservative worldview sentiments and opinions.  I hear the hateful gloating of the same old callus, insensitive and offensive, Archie Bunker bigoted mentality. It is apparent that the US Corporatakrazy may have some “demons” of their own to deal with. The US has used African Americans as scapegoats far too long.

By the way, there is no such thing as “race.” It is just another political imperialist construct to dehumanize, isolate, redline, and incite terrorism upon independent communities of color, and rob them of economic stability. There is an undeniable “skin game” that is real for melaninated peoples. This is pervasive all over the world, where Black skinned people are hidden outcasts from the overall population and society. Indian “Untouchables,”   Black Mexicans, Black Chinese, and Black Europeans are often hidden and unspoken. Yet, racial profiling still exists, along with, police brutality, the Injustice system, economic redlining, and other “white” collar criminals and invaders! When I use the word “white” I don’t speak of race- I speak of the 1% elite class and those who identify and discriminate using this construct to receive privileges. This is part of the Stockholm syndrome of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) that many suffer from.

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