Saturday, November 17, 2012

First Native Americans Were Indigo Aborigines From Akabalon

The REAL ANCIENT AMERICANS were Indigo Aboriginal copper skinned, coiled haired people!!! The Blackfoot, Natchez, Yamasee, Washita, Muscogee, Cree, Seminoles, Catawaba, Olmec, Mayan, Eskimo, Lakota, Cherokee, etc., were ALL from the original copper skinned, coiled haired peoples, who have traveled the globe and were the descendants of the Twa from Akabalon. The Twa were known as KMT. They were the first to populate the planet over two hundred thousand years ago. Many of our people grew lighter over time with the adoption of younger latter societies. Our original people  were not "race" conscious. Later the stealing of our land and resources were a reflection of the philosophy of manifest destiny and imperialism, by the United States, and the story of imperialists. Now our Melanin Indigo Native peoples are still being removed from the Dawes rolls and status of their Nationality as Native Americans, to be replaced with $5 Indian Caucasians, to once again have our identity, lands and resources stolen under paper genocide. Deniers are mistakenly classifying our people as Black Freedmen of African Decent and not Aboriginal Native Americans! Know that our copper melanin Ancient Ancestors were here BEFORE the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, or the Mayflower, landed on our American shores! Many Horrors of terrorism, abduction and human trafficking and slaughters happened to us right here on American shores, before the wars of the transatlantic/middle passage kidnapped and imprisoned war refugees from Afrika/Akabalon!

So, What is Indigo? 

I and my melanin rich people have a natural heritage to the land and resources of the entire planet, not only the continent of Afrika. Our Indigo Ancient Ancestors are the OLDEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. Our Ancestral existence began in Central/East Afrika, as the Twa/ Khoisan, Sudanese, Ethiopian and Tutsi Nations, who traveled and migrated all over the planet. Our Ancestral DNA, can be traced back to more than 200,000 years. We brought plants, animals, and knowledge of civilization, to establish nations all over the planet. Our Ancestors represented the Ausarian resurrection... So, you can find my people in our signs and symbols, totems, mounds, burial cites, bead-work, paintings, and pyramids, not only in Africa, but ALL OVER THE PLANET! We are the original Masons, the Magi and the Imhotep scientists. We are symbolized as Bes, and Taweret. We knew the Healing Herbs, We were the snake charmers, We established the Stellar, Solar and Lunar understandings of the nautical and terrestrial travel systems, We are the mound builders, we speak for the earth as stewards and guardians, against the destruction of our mother planet.

When the Asians crossed the Bering Straits into the Americas, THEY MET US! We are the snake headed people, the Le-Pr-Ra-Khans (Leprechauns), and Druids that St. Pat drove out of Ireland, and the Zwarte Piet Elves, in Germany's Black forest, The First Buddha and Krishna were Indigoes, as were the Moors in Spain. etc.

The pseudo notions of the Neanderthal or caveman, being the the first on the planet, then evolving into homo-sapiens, is an anomaly because Caucasians only appeared on the planet, 10,000 years ago. and so called, existing Native Americans can only trace their DNA ancestry across the Bering Straits, back 15,000 years, when the polar Ice Caps began to melt. So these Native Americans are corroborating with the paper genocide of the many populations of Indigo People within the Americas. Trading lives for the few scraps of land and resources that they can exist on.


Being "Indigo" means that we recognize our heritage as the first Indigenous, Ab-Original people on planet Earth. Indigo is a color of deep blue effervescent energy and hue in the light and color spectrum in the heavens. Indigo is also the highest state of the anointing of our crown energy or chakra in our practice of spirituality. It is said that "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." Indigo also resonates with our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors. All true Humans come from the motherland Akabalon Aeons ago. Yes, during the breakup of "Pangaea"- (also known as Turtle Island). Our Ancient Ancestors established civilizations across the planet. They designated the royal hierarchy to wear the royal purple, from the plant know as Indigo.

The Indigo plant is one of our ancient Afrikan sacred plants, that was used exclusively for royalty and the Priesthood, This beautiful plant creates an intense hue of deep ultraviolet. This color has often been referred to as "blue-black." Indigo represents the dark reflection of the rich heritage of our melanin rich skin, eyes and hair.

Historically, only the aristocrats and royalty were permitted to wear this color of purple in their clothing in linen and silk fabrics. Now, it is common place, as it is used world wide. Now, we see our sacred plant and it's beautiful color, commonly used along with cotton, in denim jeans and work clothes. The term Blue Collar, refers to the Indigo color and the humble working class masses of society. Indigo blue Denim in this U.S. society, was historically worn by farmers, railroad workers, heavy duty construction, and in penile institutions of mass incarceration.

So the American Indigo Agenda consists of persons interested in affairs affecting the American Indigo community, either directly or indirectly. From childhood, many people were mis-educated, conditioned to believe, and have bought into the inception, that Black skinned people are only fit to be cheap labor, consumers, drug users and now subjected to genocide. They don't see us as the descendants of the Mother of civilization. Why do so called "Native" Americans/Hispanics/Mexicans- deny their Afrikan DNA/heritage? Afrikans Are the oldest people. Our decedents are the Ancients, who brought culture, language spirituality and civilization to the American continent and everywhere we traveled across the Planet. Black People in the Americas are the descendants of the Ancients. Most of us were in America long before 1492 or before the trans-Atlantic -Invasion and prisoner of war / human trafficking occurred. Why do Afrikan Americans still respond in collusion with race supremacy miseducation, and "brown/red indigenous" false narrative and mythology? The Black Lives Matter stance should be Melanin People's lives matter; yet, "other" people of color have separated themselves from their African DNA. They are standing on the sidelines, to garner what race privilege crumbs they might muster... Melanin people of Indigo/Afrika decent ARE the first Americans!

Nuta Beqsu, is a Kandki Ma of many Suns, Daughters, Grand Princesses and Princes, living in the urban Kansas City Area. With a Mission to provide solutions to the cycles of violence, health disparities, poverty, and inequalities in wealth, she opened the Amen Par Ankh, a Natural Life Center, and Amen Ankh Academy and Homeschool network of Industrial arts. This is a green space for Home Scholars, an Independent Library and Home Blessings and Notions. She presently available for Consultations, Workshops Edutainment and lectures. currently working with grief counseling making Dolls for mothers who have suffered loss of their children. A Teacher, Priestess, Minister, Life coach, blogger and respected public speaker and educator who has conducted several workshops at various organizations, served as a panelist and as keynote speaker at regional meetings. She has a monthly call-in or listen online- Radio show Nuta Beqsu means (heaven gives me balance) This is an ancient KMT language that is still in practice today. Nu, Nut, and Ta are Elemental powers of the Heavens: Nu is Moisture, and Water. Nut is the Celestial Sky goddess. She represents the cosmos and the universe. The Universe is always giving birth to new solar systems and stars. Ta is the original word for land and Queendoms of our ancient Matriarchal societies. Our land is our home, and the place for the empirical existence where we learn form our experiences. She seeks to live in balance between the planetary and heavenly existences. We are all connected to the land, trees, microcosm and macrocosm, Inner verse and universe. Nuta Beqsu (heaven gives me balance) will be programmed into conscious spirit, to produce thought sequences to direct a course of action as way to achieve successfulness in life. Visualization is thought converted into a pleasurable visual image(s) to achieve a goal and/or purpose. We connect with Divine Power to guide and direct our pathways. As a divine name is spoken the receiver has unity of direction in life. Her name reflects her Destiny. So, the sight Sound, vision, smells and colors associated with a divine name will give guidance in her pathway. As a Minister and Director at Amen Par Ankh and Ankh Amen Ankh Akademy, we offer Ancestor Libation Ceremony, Consultations and Life Coaching for Destiny, Name, Health, Career and Relationships. Afrikan Wedding planning and officiate services, Home and Business Blessings, Naming, Birth Blessings, Domestic Engineering, Home going Ascension services, Lectures, and edutainment- Storytelling, Music, Dance, Youth Outreach and economic Literacy, Travel agency, Insurance Referrals and STEMM(science technology engineering mathematics medicine) Career introduction called You GROWW Girls- Teach a Girl, Heal a Nation GROWW means (Gaining, Resilience, Opportunity, Wellness and Wealth) Call for your appointment: 816-839-7945 Feel free to Contact the Amen Ankh Urban Farm... or Please like our facebook pages: , , ,