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Abolish Racism The Semantics of Black and White

The Discussion of race is still a black and white issue. A recent report about young children's attitudes on race became one of the most discussed stories on their website. In the Clark Study of 1947, Caucasian and Indigo children had an overwhelming bias toward Caucasian or lighter skinned dolls, than darker complected dolls of Afrikan descendant. These youth displayed a bias in favor of Caucasian images, but it was not nearly as strong as the bias shown by Caucasian children.

We must remember that the children in this film, grew up to be Parents, Business Owners, Corporation members, CEOs, Senators, Lawyers, Bankers, Supervisors, Cops, Judges, Jurors, and Teachers etc...

I have joined with an Afrikan Conscious Study group called, Sankofa Study Group. We are presently reading the book; "Stamped From The Beginning," by Ibram X. Kendi. He cites many historical accounts of the origins of "whiteness" in the early beginnings of U.S. politics and economics, as well as contemporary effects of white supremacy system.

Dr. Kendi discusses the positions of segregationists, abolitionists, assimilationists, Anti-Racists, and modern white supremacists. In his introduction, he states; "My definition of a racist idea is a simple one: it is any concept that regards one racial group as inferior or superior to another racial group in any way. I define anti-Black racist ideas—the subject of this book—as any idea suggesting that Black people, or any group of Black people, are inferior in any way to another racial group."

In honor of Ancestor, Malik El Shabazz:


Some point around the late 1600s and early 1700s, whiteness began to be a very interesting topic.

White supremacy or Imperialism is a system, designed to keep rich Elite Europeans entrenched in their wealth. It is a highly competitive game. If the poor complain, they use propaganda to help remind them, that at least they are not the people who they oppress- Asians, Mexican, or especially "black." So, race supremacy works as a very effective bludgeoning tool for the elite. You get the poor caucasians to identify with elitist, as gatekeepers to fight other groups of people, by giving them tokens, titles, resources, and artificial status, while the rich elitist laugh all the way to their banks, and mercantilism, capitalism, communism, Feudal Serfdom, Artisan Guilds, etc..  "Whiteness" is part of a broader white supremacist system built by the common man and funded my the Elite to maintain the status quo. Of course, no one ever stops to challenge the Elite.

*"Whiteness" was a fictional construct, invented as part of a race supremacy economic system.

When people with the skin color of pale pink and peach, from northern Europe, started Invading/Migrating to the Americas, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM DEFINED THEMSELVES AS WHITE! NONE!


English Immigrants to America originally defined themselves by their religions- Christians; Pilgrims, Puritans, Quaker "Friends", Mormons, Mennonites, and Amish, Protestants, Catholics, etc. or other religious-based associations, who were generally separatist, based on their faith practices and languages. They defined anyone outside of their beliefs, as lesser or unfit. Yet, these believers helped to perpetuate racism and racist ideas in effect, by forming cast systems and hierarchies. They Classified their Gods as Caucasian.

Other European migrants, (French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc) obtained control over land and resources, with the funding from elitist from overseas, to establish expansion of their territories into the Americas, and the local people had to fight to retake their independence and nationality. Yet the residuals of European languages, and Religions still remain in their culture to perpetuate a form of indirect rule, and an allegiance to western thinking and race supremacy.

Later Europeans used hyphens to associate their prior nationality with the United States. Well, Europe is comprised of many countries. While all who live in Europe are Europeans, they also have different nationalities - resulting in an European from France saying they're French-American, Polish- American, Chinese-American, etc., to the multitude of other nationalities present in Europe.

People in the U.S. may still identify themselves as ethnic - and say they're Jewish, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans etc., or any nation in Europe you want to name, and the same for any nation in Asia, etc. as well. So the term "white" not only defines the color of a person, but a status and a collective nationality, legally- ALL except for the term African-American...

African-American, or Black is exceptional, in that most Indigo People, are unable to tie themselves to any specific land, location, nation or country in America or Africa, because many were involuntarily held as prisoners, orphaned, abducted and stripped of their national or ethnic ties, through countless wars, rape, genocide, paper genocide, and invasions in the Americas and Afrika, by early Imperialist, (during 1492 till World War II) and throughout the history of Imperialist- (UP TO NOW!) (Western Imperialist are still invading and committing genocide against all people of color on the planet!) Many Indigo Americans were taken as prisoners of war and stripped of their names, title and class, as well, right here in the Americas. Many were abducted or purchased from one area of the Americas, like Brazil, or Florida for instance, then brought to another part of America or to Canada, or some location in the East coast of the U.S. colonial region. People who were held captive, had to follow their captors, like chattel property, wherever they went, often used to pay off gambling debts, or inherited through families, churches or other institutions.

Paper Genocide is a specific case, were Indigo people, were striped of their titles, wealth, family, land, ethnicity, religion, language, etc., right here in the U.S., to be cast off of any human rights, and "seasoned" to the will of their captors. Many record keeping organizations, went along with this, to compromise and maintain control over their token entitlements. Many birth records, particularly of orphans, were smeared, to hide, family ties and birthrights. Many captors, raped their own imprisoned women, to sire and use their own children as owned property.

Presently, it is true that the U.S. census forms, and other forms that require our social security numbers, ask us for racial status, and have been asking us to identify the names of the countries that our Ancestors came from, but all of that has been changing to "Other," if you don't want to check any of the given categories.

*Perceptions of race and racial identity have played, and continue to play, a very different role in U.S. history, than in Europe's history.

When some caucasians in the early U.S. started to gain wealth from their exploitation of people, land and resources, their abuse of power (as rich people continue to do today in every country) and expansion and export of trade and control, promoted the terminology, and legal contracts, that created a system to protect their own interest. This system was called white supremacy. White supremacy used "Manifest Destiny." This meant that Caucasians "believed" that they had a God given right to send their poor Caucasians to go and fight and destroy the plains Native Americans in wars, to take more land and resources from native peoples, even though the government constitution outlawed the stealing of land. Of course the poor Europeans did all the fighting and dying while the rich Elitist Europeans made all the money.

In my humble opinion, Whenever someone currently claims "whiteness," they are participating in racism/white supremacy systemic culture. White Supremacy is a US system connecting to a world construct, where only the members get to chose who is "white" and who is not. the membership plays the roles of privilege, exclusivity, and private partnerships. As soon as the legislation for integration took place, for public access, the elite began to funnel and pool their money, to establish constructs for "Gated/ Intentional" communities, for private access, shrouded by religious organizations. We had Jesse Clyde Nichols, the father of gated communities, redlining and "White Flight," working with the elites like Rothschild, Truman, Corporations, CEOs, Banks, and Insurance companies, to steal land and resources, to build their private segregated ivory towers.

In 1968, Jane Elliot, began a Brown Eyes/ Blue Eyes exercises to bring awareness to racism in the US, and enable blue-eyed people to have a taste of the oppression of their own white privilege.

White Supremacy is now a global construct. There are many people of color, ethnicity, and culture, choose to support white supremacy, for the residual crumbs it may offer them. In the end only the Melanin Indigo people suffer the harshest in US society. These ethnicities, stand on the sidelines in conformity, and in agreement to the overt oppression of Indigo people. As Racism/white-supremacy, has metastasized all over the planet, many are in denial and struggle with cognitive dissonance when they are confronted or cornered with their own sense of entitlement, or latent superiority in their belonging to exclusive groups.

Caucasians can never speak for Indigo people. They can only disband racism and every institution in this system of power and control, among their own people who support racism and white privilege. The core/root of the social/political and Economics in Racism, is simply in the definition, and then the semantics of the use of the words "Black" and "White" on a subliminal conscious level!

*The majority of the world population casually, and formally uses the word "white" to define people with light colored complexion and/or hair, of Aryan, Caucasian European background. This tends to be a given term that many use without thinking, yet it is the most racially charged word in the European lexicon. I contend that EVERY TIME the term "white" is used to define a person, or a people, this automatically places them in an association, and identification of a pseudo elitist status in a race supremacy system. Ergo, the use of the word "black" as a title to describe Indigo people, dehumanizes and classifies them into a colorizing, objectifying and polarizing definition in race supremacy. As "White" continues to be associated with Wealth, Power and the elite economic status, in this patriarchal society, Caucasian males were only empowered to achieve and receive the economic means for elite class and privilege. All other class levels are expected to support this construct, even though all other class levels, are not truly a part of the elite level...


What does it mean to suggest that race is a social construct?

"A social construct refers to something that does not have a basis in the natural world but is an artificial distinction created by people. Some researchers now conceptualize and analyze human variation in terms of populations, dismissing racial classifications altogether."

* Every time someone chooses to identify as a race, they are invoking the white/race supremacy pseudo theory of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752–1840) "who divided the human species into five races in 1779, later founded on crania research (description of human skulls), and called them (1793/1795):
the Caucasian race
the Mongoloid race
the Malay race
the Negroid race (which has no land or regional reference)
the American race

. "White, black, and brown are abridged, abstracted versions of colonizer, slave, and colonized."

* Every time someone uses the poly-genesis theory, -"The systematization of race concepts that brought with it the conflict between monogenism (a single origin for all human races) and polygenism (the hypothesis that races had separate origins). This debate was originally cast in creationist terms as a question of one versus many creations of humanity..." They are participating in white supremacy.

* Every time a parent, uses the term "white" around their children, or social groups, to describe themselves, their people, or their relationships with others, they are participating in racism by aligning themselves with white supremacy, and to a contrived elitist or superior status.

Another con game example of white supremacy, is how rich elites combined their Multi National Corporations into international cartels and syndicates, to send their businesses, and outsource poor caucasian american industrial jobs, to the prison industrial complex, convict leasing, and to Outsource to overseas countries, like India, Pakistan, Japan and China, and then turn around and blame affirmative action for taking away all of the caucasian people's jobs.


YES! I want Caucasians to stop calling me "black," as i have STOPPED calling them "white."

I know a lot of the political verbiage that has been, and is still used to describe Indigo Peoples. "Urban Core," "minorities," "liberals," "Thugs," the "Hood," "Inner City," "Ghetto," "Those People," "African-American," "people of color," and of course the all time favorite- N!@@s, etc.


(Yes, I prefer to be called Indigo.) I and my melanin rich people have a natural heritage to the land and resources of the entire planet, not only the continent of Afrika. Our Indigo Ancient Ancestors are the OLDEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. Our Ancestral existence began in Central/East Afrika, as the Twa/ Khoisan, Sudanese, Ethiopian and Tutsi Nations, who traveled and migrated all over the planet. Our Ancestral DNA, can be traced back to more than 200,000 years. We brought plants, animals, and knowledge of civilization, to establish nations all over the planet. Our Ancestors represented the Ausarian resurrection... So, you can find my people in our signs and symbols, totems, mounds, burial cites, bead-work, paintings, and pyramids, not only in Africa, but ALL OVER THE PLANET! We are the original Masons, the Magi and the Imhotep scientists. We are symbolized as Bes, and Taweret. We knew the Healing Herbs, We were the snake charmers, We established the Stellar, Solar and Lunar understandings of the nautical and terrestrial travel systems, We are the mound builders, we speak for the earth as stewards and guardians, against the destruction of our mother planet.

When the Asians crossed the Bering Straits into the Americas, THEY MET US! We are the "snake" headed people that were driven out by the Christian cults, Indigo People ARE the Le-Pr-Ra-Khans, and Druids that St. Pat  has been celebrated, to have driven out of Ireland, and the Zwarte Piet Elves, in Germany's Black forest, The First Buddha and Krishna were Indigos, and we were the Moors in Spain. etc.

The pseudo notion of the Neanderthal or caveman, evolving into homo-sapiens, only appeared 10,000 years ago. and Native Americans can only trace their ancestry across the Bering Straits, back 15,000 years, when the polar Ice Caps began to melt.

Being "Indigo" means that we recognize our heritage as the first Indigenous, Ab-Original people on planet Earth. Indigo is a color of deep blue effervescent energy and hue in the light and color spectrum in the heavens. Indigo is also the highest state of the anointing of our crown energy or chakra in our practice of spirituality. It is said that "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." Indigo also resonates with our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors. All true Humans come from the motherland Akabalon Aeons ago. Yes, during the breakup of "Pangaea"- (also known as Turtle Island). Our Ancient Ancestors established civilizations across the planet. They designated the royal hierarchy to wear the royal purple, from the plant know as Indigo.


The Indigo plant is one of our ancient Afrikan sacred plants, that was used exclusively for royalty and the Priesthood, This beautiful plant creates an intense hue of deep ultraviolet. This color has often been referred to as "blue-black." Indigo represents the dark reflection of the rich heritage of our melanin-rich skin, eyes and hair.

Historically, only the aristocrats and royalty were permitted to wear this color of purple in their clothing in Lenin and silk fabrics. Now, it is commonplace, as it is used worldwide. Now, we see our sacred plant and it's beautiful color, commonly used along with cotton, in denim jeans and work clothes. The term Blue Collar, refers to the Indigo color and the humble working-class masses of society. Indigo blue Denim in this U.S. society, was historically worn by farmers, railroad workers, heavy duty construction, and in penile institutions of mass incarceration.


Margaret Beale Spencer, a leading researcher in the field of child development, designed the pilot study for CNN's "AC360." Beale Spencer used a team of three psychologists to implement it: two testers to execute the study and a statistician to help analyze the results.

Spencer's test aimed to re-create the landmark doll test from the 1940s. Those tests, conducted by psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark, were designed to measure how segregation affected African-American children.

Please watch the full experiment below, comment your thoughts and opinion on the matter in the commenting section below the clip and, don't forget to share this article with your friends on social networks like facebook to see what they have to say!

What's more striking than this Doll test results, are all who remain in denial of the severe effects of racism and Caucasian Privilege in society. Racism is alive and the Doll test is a perfect example, right in your face and cognitive dissonance disallows you to grab it by the horns and ask the more important questions which is, "what in my society is causing this phenomenon and what can we do to eradicate it?" Racism isn't simply hating other people, it's consenting and allowing a system of cultural, political, economic and educational superiority of one race to the derogation of another to flourish, and the fear and hatred of seeing that system exposed and dismantled.

Spencer's team tested 133 children from schools that met very specific economic and demographic requirements. In total, eight schools participated: four in the greater New York area and four in Georgia.

Many users of the site thought parenting was the issue behind the results, some thought the children were too naive and others thought the testing method was flawed. Children's test answers on race brought mothers to tears.
Many people who read the story commented that racism is a learned behavior.

* "I do believe that parents must take an active role [regardless of race] to inform their children that they are no better or no worse than anyone because of race. Once this happens, then there will be less misconceptions and negative perceptions regarding race."

* "The problem here is that if parents do not talk to their children about race and how to perceive people that are 'different from them', they would simply form their opinions based on whatever [right or wrong] they gather from society. To suggest that anyone is labeling these innocent children to be racist is merely unfortunate," the writer said.

* A commenter said that where they live, there is a big Native American population. The children chose a brown figure as the one most likely to have a drinking problem, the Caucasian figure as the one that was gay and the Afrikan doll was picked for the sports questions.

* A few readers thought the study was flawed. Some thought more children should have been studied while others thought that 5-year-olds won't give answers that prove anything.

* "For one thing, 5-year-old children don't have a broad base of experience and are inclined to pick the familiar," "If the child doesn't have any brown or black friends, chances are he or she will gravitate toward white children because children of a different color are unknowns in his or her life."

The reader thought it would have been better if the children were observed interacting with each other in different groups, but acknowledged that might have been an issue, too, "because the children would realize something was expected of them and might behave accordingly."

Others said children -- and adults -- were conditioned to think of light objects as good and dark as bad. It's "something human beings have been doing for thousands of years."

But others said the study's results were the most important thing and the discussion over the methodology drew attention away from the revelations of the tests.

* Which doll is a pathological serial killer? Which doll steals millions of dollars and gets away with it? Which doll burns crosses in black people's yards? Which doll blows up Churches with little girls inside on Sunday? Which doll sits in bible study, then kills 9 people and then gets escorted to Burger King cause he's hungry? Which doll Steals millions of people's retirement money? Which doll locks people up because of the color of their skin? Which doll raped your ancestors? Which doll is more likely to reject your homeowner loans with the same credit score as others who have been approved? Which doll is more likely to use drugs but not go to jail for it? Which doll voted for Trump? Which doll kills people and get away with it. Which doll can get a job with a record for child molestation while The other can't find a job with a masters degree or PhD? Which doll is more likely to walk into a church and kill people based on the color of their skin? Which doll hates the affordable care act and tried to take away affordable healthcare for all Americans?

* "I think it's interesting how many people want to fight the results, rather than conclude, 'Hey, maybe it is a good idea to teach our kids when they are really young that we shouldn't judge people by the way they look.'

A commenter from Pemberton, New Jersey states,
* "Wow!! This is very troubling to me. That's so sad. My babies would not react like that!!! Nor would I ever have!! My mother was blonde haired and blue eyed and my father was black. I had a very balanced life of all colors. However I seen my father as powerful.. and my mother as week.. It may have made me be a much stronger and tougher women towards man boys. But it had nothing to do with race. I am so grateful to not feel such separation from myself and or anyone else. I believe and in my honest opinion have found that when you don't fit into any particular category . You look a bit closer at all of them, hopefully taking the best of each. It opens you to all things!! God will never lead you astray and The map of your life is in our hearts. The broken and traumatized family foundations are the cause of this Identity crisis. Self awareness comes from observing a village of your people and how the interact. Grandmothers. Grandfathers.. cousins aunts. Etc. my mother was 1 of 11. I'm the youngest of 6 and I learned a lot by watching the way others treated each other and reading!"

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