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We Are Rising From The Ashes Of Global Racism

I am an Indigo Melanin child. In the sixties, I would be classified as Afro-American, Colored, Negro, or Black. Yet, these classifications do not tie me to a land or nation where I am embraced and accepted with full rank and power. So Original Americans, Turtle Island, are of Afrikan decent. I understand that the first people to populate the Americas were Twa /Khoisan of Central Africa, tens of thousands of years ago. Later many Asians met up with decedents of the Khoisan, over thousands of years, to create an amalgam of cultures and societies that we now know.  I consider myself to be a Natchez African American. Both, my Mother and Father are Native American descendants. Yet, Melanin peoples were removed from the Dawes Rolls of Native American Registry, to be declared "freedmen," Colored, or Negro, and replaced with caucasian $5 Indians.

I choose the word Indigo to describe myself as a conscious person, who is first a spirit having a human experience. My spacesuit on earth is specially designed for the tropical regions.

Indigo implies Indigenous. My Ancient Ancestors are the first and oldest humans on the planet. They were superior and wise in so many ways, carrying the knowledge of Ausarian civilization, wherever they traveled on the planet.

Indigo denotes the lowest intensity of color, in the light spectrum, yet, the highest position of the energy zones of consciousness, often called Chakra Crown.

Indigo also implies the rich deep darkness of the blue black Indigo color. The Indigo plant is indigenous from Akabalon. The Indigo plant was used to make the royal purple cloth that exclusively draped the rulers of the East. The Indigo plant also ties to the irony, that this same royal indigo blue and cotton, has become the most humble and common color in the U.S.- in Denim Jeans. Indigo was often used with Hemp and Cotton fabrics, which were chief commodity for US industry. Denim blue fabric was common place for prison labor crews.

As a Child, I grew up in a US Military family. I was able to travel overseas. I was so proud of my Father. He was a member of the Air Force for almost 30 years. We lived in base housing, and went to integrated schools and churches while on base.  I can still recall how, as an 8 year old child, we lived everyday, facing the challenges of racism and never being able to predict the outcome. Yes, I was called "nigger" and was the target of bullying. These epithets would always be ignored, or often endorsed by teachers and other adult authorities, in schools and in the communities, so much so, that I gave up on reporting my daily assaults to my Mom for remedy. I quietly washed my Afro from the spit, food particles or even chewing gum that would be lodged in my hair or clothing. I became shy and invisible in the lunch room, gym or other open social experiences.

 The Irony of this illustration, is that
Caucasians are our rebellious, disobedient children.
Now they have grown to take our Melanin children, to be trained
in their indoctrination school- to mass incarceration pipelines,
using their religious patriarchy, mass media propaganda,
poisonous foods, water and their medi-sins
to cast a spells and curses on our consciousness,
to destroy nature's ecosystem
and the Melanin Goddess Queen Mother Womb of the earth.
When we traveled off of the US base in Europe, I would notice the temperament of people that we encountered, varied from cordial curiosity to venomous contempt. In many encounters we could tell that they had been previously coached to treat Black skinned people with reproach.

This sinuous, subtle behavior and attitude is also prevalent in US urban environments, where invader businesses and franchises set up shop all around Indigo neighborhoods, only to take what little money that is gleaned from our families, out of our economy, to bring wealth to their own, while stereotyping, and treating every melanin rich- Youth, Adult or Elder, with hostile suspicion, and contempt. In consequence, the concept of "Black community" has been obliterated.  We have very few resources, or access, that runs autonomously within the US, while the US continues to use our blood and sweat as the oil for it’s grinding gears in it’s School to Corporate Prison, to Military Industrial Complex pipeline.

In conclusion, I have joined with many Indigo peoples, with the objectives to Organize for Black Autonomy. What does that look like? No. We are not attempting to overthrow the government or secede from the US. On the contrary, we are simply seeking our own Kujichagulia (self-determination.) To establish our own gated communities of Gnomes (Families of agricultural based societies) Industrial Artists, Engineers, Educators, Farmers, and Craft People, etc., for the practice of our own Cultures and spirituality, in our own economic structures. Much like how the Kansas City 12th street and Vine Mecca, Beal Street Tennessee, and the New York Harlem Renaissance Meccas, fostered the growth of a rich economic cultural performance arts societies. We must promote our own health and wellness, protection, Languages, Education and spiritual practices. We must establish self police, youth development and build our own energy and resources.

I recently found the complete essay of Mrs. Camille Cosby (below.) It still reigns true today with the current controversies and mass murder of Indigo Melanin rich children by cops. Another point that should be made is the resurgence of the Jumpin Jim Crow system, that creates a steel razor barbed wire corral to access to resources and land ownership by Indigo people. After the adjustable rate mortgage scams obliterated our housing to promote re-gentrification, many Indigo people are currently facing adversities with the use of trumped up city code violations, blight condemnations and adverse possession, to bully the remaining elderly and impoverished, who are barely making ends meet, out of their properties. This also creates an implied idea that Indigo people are not entitled to have access or ownership of certain real or personal properties, locations, products, business development or resources... So Melanin Rich people become the redline targets for assault if they have possession of a status symbol, ie. BMW automobiles...

America Taught My Son's Killer to Hate Blacks
by Camille Cosby

From our institutions to our media, racism and prejudice are omnipresent.
I believe America taught our son's killer to hate African-Americans. After Mikail Markhasev killed Ennis William Cosby on Jan. 16, 1997, he said to his friends, "I shot a nigger. It's all over the news."
This was not the first time Markhasev had attacked a black person. In 1995, he served time in a juvenile center for stabbing a black man who was standing at a gas station.
Presumably, Markhasev did not learn to hate black people in his native country, the Ukraine, where the black population was near zero. Nor was he likely to see America's intolerable, stereotypical movies and television programs about blacks, which were not shown in the Soviet Union before the killer and his family moved to America in the late 1980s.

James Baldwin wrote in his book The Price of the Ticket, "The will of the people, or the State, is revealed by the State's institutions. There was not, then, nor is there, now, a single American institution which is not a racist institution.

Yes, racism and prejudice are omnipresent and eternalized in America's institutions, media and myriad entities. Here are a few examples:

The Voting Rights Act signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 will expire in 2007. Congress once again will decide whether African-Americans will be allowed to vote. No other Americans are subjected to this oppressive nonsense.
African-Americans, as well as all Americans, are brainwashed every day to respect and revere slave-owners and people who clearly waffled about race. In truth, the enslavement of millions of Africans immeasurably enriched the treasuries of America's government and individuals. Interestingly, several slave-owners' images are on America's paper currencies: George Washington ($1), Thomas Jefferson ($2), Alexander Hamilton ($10), Andrew Jackson ($20), Ulysses Grant ($50) and Benjamin Franklin ($100). Grant was the last U.S. president to own slaves. Even Abraham Lincoln ($5) said, "I do not stand pledged to the prohibition of the slave trade between the states.... I, as much as any man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race."

God and most Christian holy people artistically have been recreated in images of whiteness. This shrewd propaganda undeniably lessens the worthiness of most of the Earth's people. Because of those visual constructs, the churches have a deep problem with race.

America's educational institutions' dictionaries define "black" as harmful; hostile; disgrace; unpleasant aspects of life." "White" is described as "decent; honorable; auspicious; without malice."

A medical school at the University of Texas in Galveston conducted a controversial study primarily on black babies from 1956 to 1962. The researchers withheld an essential fatty acid from the babies' formulas that humans need for the growth of the whole body and nervous system. Those black babies were used as laboratory animals, and several of the infants died during the course of the study. Previously, this research had been done on dogs. This is just one of several unethical medical studies on African-Americans that has been documented.

Also, racism negatively has impacted African-Americans' health. Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, a Harvard psychiatrist says, "Some research suggests that the high prevalence of hypertension among African-Americans, compared to whites, is related directly to the stresses associated with being a black person, living in a racist society."

D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, an undisguised racist film, was recently rated by the American Film Institute as No. 44 of America's top 100 films. This movie depicted black people as subhuman creatures.

Gangs, such as the Ku Klux Klan, unite because of racial hatred. A gang will convince themselves that they are racially superior to "outside" groups, which must be harmed or eliminated.
Violence is prevalent in America. According to Gavin de Becker's research in his book The Gift of Fear,

"The energy of violence moves through our culture.... Our country's murderers rob us of almost a million years of human life every year.... In the past two years alone, more Americans died from gunshot wounds than were killed during the entire Vietnam War."

USA TODAY recently published a report from Pride, a nonprofit drug prevention program. Pride's survey shows that nearly one million school kids (grades six through 12) carried guns to school during the 1997-98 school year. Fifty-nine percent were white; 18% were black. More than half also used an illegal drug on a monthly basis.

Ennis William Cosby was shot and killed in a middle- to upper-middle-income, predominately white community. The misperception immortalized daily by the media and other entities is that crimes are committed in poor neighborhoods inhabited by dark people.

All African-Americans, regardless of their educational and economic accomplishments, have been and are at risk in America simply because of their skin colors. Sadly, my family and I experienced that to be one of America's racial truths.

Most people know that facing the truth brings about healing and growth. When is America going to face its historical and current racial realities so it can be what it says it is?

Camille O. Cosby is an educator and producer.
Usa Today July 8th 1998


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