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Written by Nuta Beqsu Adenike Amen-Ra

Mama Afrika has a vast and rich cultural and social heritage. Our Indigo Melanin women all over the continent of Afrika, were worshiped as Goddesses. There were many matriarchal kinship societies that became the economic premier in trading and control of resources. Many, Indigo Women ruled as Queens, and even commanded large armies as generals like the Kandakis of Nubia. The invasion of Europeans and Arabs did more than enslave our bodies, these societies imposed their peculiar, perversions, religious dogma and value systems, along with their quest for economic resources, to corrupt our collective minds, destroyed our psyche, to implant a false consciousness into the Afrikan diaspora, both on the continent and globally, as well as the minds of those who would assist in maintaining our oppression. Many may not imagine how far we have fallen from our former glory of KRST Consciousness.

Baartman's story is really a microcosm of what is still happening to melaninated, Indigo women everywhere, and the disappointing part is that many of our Indigo people today really do not want to face the fact that we support these behaviors of self hatred, enslavement and exploitation, like beating and psychologically abusing our children, self mutilation, female genital mutilation, sexism, ageism,   sexual exploitations, like porn, strip clubs, and prostitution, that are the inherent result of generations of sexual assaults and exploitation by Caucasians.

For those of you whom have not yet learned of the horrors faced by Saartji Sarah Baartman, here is a summary:

Saartjie (Sara) Baartman was an Afrikan Khoi woman, SAARTJIE BAARTUM (or Sarah Bartman- is a name of Dutch origin- It is not the name given to her from her original society.)  In Europe, she publicized as "The Hottentot Venus," She lived around (1789  to December, 1815) Baartman's life changed at the tender age 20 years old, when one day while working on a farm as a "servant" she attracted the attention of an English (Caucasian,) physician, specifically by her large buttocks and later exotic genitalia. This physician, who allegedly to the Hippocratic oath, to do no harm to anyone, was named William Dunlop.

William Dunlop, took advantage of this young lady, promising her wealth and fame, if she would return with him to England to be a part of medical research. She was brought to London, not knowing the depraved nature of the man she was traveling with or the people in this new alien environment. At first she was put under examination and observation by scientists who were also in shock of her body. Sarah NEVER got the success and riches or the fame she was promised. She was never even able to return to her home. What she did get was sexual exploitation in a foreign land. The "Surgeon" William Dunlop put Sarah on display to the public like a zoo animal.

They made her get on a stage and displayed her like a wild beast in a cage, europeans came from far and wide and paid to look at her. Crowds would pour in and shout out obscenities and vulgarities at her, they disrespected her in every way imaginable. They paraded her nakedness, and coached her to bend over and open her legs, so that they could look at her vagina and buttocks. They saw her as nothing more than a sexual freak. After a few years of abuse, her captor took her to Paris, were he sold her to a circus showman in 1814. They even did a comedy show about her called "Hottentot Venus". She was the subject of several scientific paintings at the Jardin du Roi, where she was examined in March 1815: as Saint-Hilaire and Frédéric Cuvier, a younger brother of Georges, reported, "she was obliging enough to undress and to allow herself to be painted in the nude, but" In accordance with her own cultural norms of modesty, throughout these sessions she wore a small apron-like garment which concealed her genitalia. She steadfastly refused to remove this even when offered money by one of the attending scientists.

Once her novelty had worn thin in Paris, Sarah was destitute, her joyful spirit was broken, and at her lowest, Cuvier persuaded Sarah into prostitution. She became so depressed about it that she started drinking to cope with the pain and humiliation of her life which had been torn to pieces. Abused, neglected, lonely, homesick, depressed and infested with venereal disease, Sarah soon got sick and died. After years of abuse and humiliation, this young women who once lived in a small village around her own people, was totally destroyed by the european desire to sexually exploit women.

She died at the age of 25, a time when most of our Indigo women would be graduating from college or just getting settled into her adulthood. Even after her death, the perverse sick minds of the caucasian still exploited and disrespected her. Less than 24 hours after her death, Baron Cuvier had her body cast. Then, she was skinned, and stuffed, while her remains were dissected. Her brain and genitals were placed in jars, pickled and put on display until as recently as 1985.

Cuvier notes in his monograph that: "this subject was an intelligent woman with an excellent memory, particularly for faces. In addition to her two native languages she spoke fluent Dutch, passable English and could also speak French". He describes her shoulders and back as "graceful", arms "slender", hands and feet as "charming" and "pretty". He adds she was "adept at playing the jew's harp could dance according to the traditions of her country and had a lively personality". Despite this he interpreted her remains, in accordance with the prevailing European racist theories on evolution, Cuvier went on to write Sarah had "ape-like traits", He thought her small ears were similar to those of an orangutan and also compared her vivacity, when alive, to the quickness of a monkey.

Though they said that Sartjie Baartman was not a slave, yet she died penniless of the sexual disease of syphilis in 1815. Yet, her humiliation did not stop upon her passing, but continued after her transition where her remains were exhibited, examined, and displayed to continually disparage Africans and African womanhood for 100 more years until 1984 in Paris, France.

There were sporadic calls from South Africa for the return of her remains, beginning in the 1940s. A poem written in 1978 by Diana Ferrus, herself of Khoisan descent, entitled "I've come to take you home", played a pivotal role in spurring the movement to bring Baartman's remains back to her birth soil. The case gained world-wide prominence after Stephen Jay Gould wrote The Hottentot Venus in the 1980s.

After the victory of the African National Congress in the South African general election in 1994, President Nelson Mandela formally requested that France return the remains, yet still after so many years of "progress" there was resistance by the europeans whom although they claim in pubic to be post-racial still harbor the seeds of racism. There was much legal wrangling and debates in the French National Assembly for FIVE YEARS before France acceded to the request on 6 March 2002.

Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman's remains were finally repatriated to her homeland, the Gamtoos Valley, on 6 May 2002 where they were buried on 9 August 2002 on Vergaderingskop, a hill in the town of Hankey over 200 years after her birth.


Many of you may think you know the story of Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman because you have read the historical details and facts, but the facts are not her real story. It's hard to know what Sarah thought of her life of being on display and prostitution. Most accounts of her life focus on what European men thought rather than what she thought. I can only project my thoughts to assume her psyche. Her self esteem, and her very will to live must have been absolutely destroyed. Many still think it is normal behavior to desire the filthy constructs created by the caucasian.

Afrikan people of the diaspora, seem to be infected by western european culture. Many are still in favor of Western Feminism, which is only the caucasian women's "right" to capitalize on herself, by exploiting herself and other women. Very few of our Indigo people,  still have the moral fortitude to know the difference between being exploited by another, and being a participant in their own exploitation. Our Men and Women must recognize the falsification of Afrikan Consciousness, that still remains in our people and is still being passed down to our children! I notice that, as African American women are encouraged to give up their weaves and perms, to go "natural', as an example to our youth, many still revolt with passion and defended their "right" to continue to waste their money empowering foreigners over their own community, to destroy their health and mental wellness, and to push our youth to a mass self hatred, and suicide, as they continue go to extremes, chasing their implanted ideas of "european beauty" standards. We wear, their hair, skin bleach, botox, makeup, perfumes soaps and other cosmetic chemistry, to the tune of billions of dollars.

Our Indigo men are equally culpable, because many have selected their woman, based on the implanted ideas, that they want "light skinned" babies, with “good hair.” While many of our women, go through great expense, to use skin bleaching, perms and weaves to gain the attention and advantage of these men with warped ideals, They have also perpetuated self hatred in the minds of their children. The outrage expressed by Afrikan American women over their perceived choice of "hair type" brings to mind the story of Saartjie (Sara) Baartman mostly because like Sarah, we were collectively brought to a foreign land to be seasoned to except the orders and directions of Caucasians in their privately controlled environments, both as a means of labor and as a means of satisfying the europeans desire for entertainment, namely sex slaves. We must always remember that both males and females were regularly raped and prostituted. This fact is never talked about in the African American collectives, and the resulting behaviors which have come from generations of abuse is a "culture of self destruction." We have been so well trained by oppression, that we now exploit ourselves, not only for European enjoyment but also to satisfy what Dr. Amos Wilson calls a falsified Consciousness. With our conception of demonic possession, we masquerade in a false mentality, of westernized thought that we inherited from the caucasian perversions, propaganda and religious dogmas. Many African Cultures practiced adorning themselves with jewels, makeup and the like.. This technology was stolen by the Europeans as well...

Currently we have hundreds of Black women's magazines, and soft porn magazines masquerading as a men's lifestyle magazines, Ebony, Essence, King, Smooth, Show, Black Men, and many others. These magazines, promote and advertise for Perm kits, Western makeup, cologne, Alcohol, cars, and  jewelry and polyester fashion. Indigo Melanin woman are on display as freaks and perverted stereotypes, in the western world daily, through the mass media, commercials, movies, music videos, TV Shows, etc.. But now, African women are not being put on display solely for the enjoyment of Caucasians. The modern day Saartji Baartman, is on display for a mostly African American male and a popularized "Lesbian" audience, on the streets, bars, in music videos and in strip clubs. Where were our Indigo men during the plight of Sara Bartman? Where are our men now, in the plight of Indigo Women in Western society?

I wish our young women today could see the truth of how sexual exploitation is the same when someone is doing it to you and also when you are doing it to yourself. Unlike Saartji, the "modern Baartman" is "trying to get paid" and there is always some multiculturalist, feminist, possessed by a falsified consciousness, in the mass media, encouraging our young Queens, that black women are a part of a collective of all women, and that black women are "in control" of their lives and careers, and that financial independence means that what she is doing is "empowering" to women everywhere, yet they are too blind to see that they are still being exploited, and now they are also raping and exploiting themselves.  Is this really what our Ancestors went through centuries of humiliation pain and death for?

We live in a time era in which european thinking has infected the entire African diaspora. many cannot speak their own language, or practice any Afrikan culture. Now many young women see their biggest power being what they look like, and how sexy/desirable they are. As a result, they can't see that no matter how much you think your getting "paid", the price you pay for capitalizing and exploiting yourself is far higher than money.

Sarah’s story is symbolic of degrading humiliation, which all people of color must feel for the Isfit Corporatocracy, Imperialism and Capitalism's Exploitation.

Saartjie Baartman's,  real story is of a human being, used as a scientific experiment and dehumanized to be treated in the most grotesque ways, then left to die in the most miserable circumstances, finally for her corpse to be displayed and capitalized upon like a prized, hunted and stuffed lion.

The barbaric human exhibit of Sarah, in none other but a human zoo, used by neo-eugenicists to further the white supremacist historical disparagement of Africans, a human circus put on by evil, barbarous individuals in the promotion, support, maintenance, and preservation of race supremacy.

"Her story is about the more widespread social, political, scientific and philosophical assumptions which transformed one young African woman into a representation of savage sexuality and racial inferiority complex. Her story is also one that provokes us to look, in some detail, at the power of imagery to form opinions, and the way such power has been employed to depict people of color, especially women of color."

Even after death, they used her body for exploitation

Bustles became the fashion of the day to imitate the natural form of the "Black Venus" Saartjie Baartum.

Saartjie's body was finally laid to rest in South Africa due mostly to the sponsorship of  the now Aku (ancestor), Nelson Mandela

In the first year of his Presidency. Nelson Mandela asked the French authorities for the restitution of her remains. In 2002, her bones and pickled body parts were returned lo South Africa, welcomed by rapturous crowds and solemnly buried on South African Women’s Day. Women’s leaders called on those present to work for gender equality. President Thabu Mbeki made an emotive speech condemning two centuries of racist pseudo-science.

The image of Black people, in this case Black women, are tied into the more macro issue of the way blacks have been portrayed and more specifically, the way black female sexuality has been portrayed. Her body shape formed history as the European "Victorian" era made the use of Buttressing as the "bustled" dress style of the day.

Those times have not changed. Imperialism still pervades today, as each conquered and invaded country that inhabits people of color, has it's measure of the symptoms of Isfit commercialism of it's people. Saartje's story is important today, because her story says a great deal about current history.

Our Women Children and Men were captured as prisoners of war,
to be sold at the stock markets of the U.S..
Then to be treated like chattel, beasts of burden and sexual exploitation.

Our Young Girls and Young men are being used as child soldiers in the prison, military and corporate industrial complexes and the underground economy. In capitalism, our young women are representative of the exploitation of people of color. Our women of color are sacrificed, used as child slaves in the underground economy or "Upside-down Pyramid" for pornography, prostitution, Drug use, Child Sex Slavery, Exotic dancing, human trafficking, organ harvesting, drug mules and the prison and military industrial complex.

They are even trained to be abused as fighters in gambling exploits. Our young male youth today will train young girls, like dog and rooster fighters, for a public exhibition against another opponent. They will cast betting lots against each opponent and then film the show on the camera of their cellphones. they will then distribute the money like a lottery.

Women are trained as fighters, while young men video tape and cast lots on their fights.

The US society glorifies this behavior, in the media music, and dress.

I often think of the genius talents of many Black Artists like, Jimi Hendrix, and Billie Holiday, and
how their lives were ended in wasted drug overdose. 

In reference to the Maury "Who's-da-daddy?"/ Jerry Springier show-and-tell Fiascoes... Our Black Women need to come together as Sistars and not farm and garden tools...
There is no accusation, blame, or lie games going on here. So Many of our Melanin Indigo Women and Men, have literally sold themselves and their children to the DEVIL, for the price of a free DNA test, to an International public spectacle, arena circus! The Tell-Lie-Vision has done a number on our people to program and brainwash- and send us to the sunken place! Who taught our people that promiscuity adultery, fornication, and homosexuality was OK?

Quoting Dr. Amos Wilson: "What last names do you identify yourself with? What language do you speak? Who's picture is on the money that you slave for? Who's clothing do you wear? Who's Cosmetics do you wipe on your face, Who's hair do you wear? Who's food do you Eat? What Schools do we take our children to?

There is even a woman who is heralded my some Indigo Men, who blames the victim, of Melanin women, for her husbands promiscuity, the weakness of black men to contain and discipline themselves, and their inability to maintain their children and family households economically. She has skewed her NOI Islamic religious dogmas into a non sexual perversion to sell books and further divide and conquer our families. Many still believe that if you don't follow their distinct religious dogmas, then you must be condemned to a hellish wish. This is what Aryans and Asians have always taught us, to internally condemn, paralyze, and to be made to feel inferior in our own ways of life and humanity, yet to conform to western european ways..

The Roman empire, used to throw people into an arena to be consumed by Lions. Now our queen mother's are consumed by lying- to themselves,- Lying down like dogs -with dogs, and getting up with the flees! We must RE- MEM-BER! who we are and purpose, and heritage!


We need to create more Indigo centered woman's circles, AND Men's circles. We must create our own cultural environments for our Girls and Male youth to thrive in! SEX is a SACRED VORTEX! Our bodies are Sacred space ships. We are Sols have a human experience...


*We must Re-Member that we are Divine Souls having a human experience

*We must know that our bodies are the sacred temple of our soul and a vessel for the holy spirit of life. *As Indigo women, our bodies hold the sacred cradle and womb for our children and all future generations. *We are the children of a collective universe, and we have a higher state of divine purpose and consciousness. *As Black Women- WE are the Original Womb of All Humans. We are the Eve on this Planet

*The greatest thing we can do for our bodies is to make them into a Spirit temple and use them to glorify our higher selves.

Many are under the spell of sexual immorality and addictions. We live in an addictive world of consumerism. We are conditioned to covet, desire and consume. We are trained to exploit ourselves for capital to Consume depreciating personal property, instead of  *Accumulating Appreciating Assets. Often what we get in our chasing of consumables, is not what we had in mind at all, in our acquisitions. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want.

*Many sacred texts exhort the sacredness of the body temple.

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? ...therefore honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Using the word “temple” to describe our body as a dwelling, conveys the idea that our bodies are the shrine, or the sacred place, in which the Spirit not only lives, but is revered, and honored. Therefore, we must acknowledge that we have human rights and choices on how we behave, think, speak, eat. What we let into the temple through our eyes and ears becomes critically important as well, for every thought, word and deed we expose our bodies to.

There are many people who have only, or always known reprobate behavior. They may have been orphaned or lived in the death style of toxic chemicals, toxic foods, and dysfunctional parents or guardians. Many may have been traumatized from an early age, often witnessing traumatic experiences from the womb. There are many people who have only known generational trauma.

We must chose to live in inner peace and health.

Instructions to “get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice; Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other...” (Ephesians 4:31-32) is also a mandate for healthy living.

When we live by the Spirit, we will no longer gratify the desires of a destructive dysfunctional nature. (Galatians 5:16).

These phrases are not only good for our soul, but for our health and wellness too. We are all connected. Many of our fears, anxiety, worry, anger and heartache directly affects our major organs that cause us to be prematurely diseased.

As Afrikan Americans, we are dying more from what we put in our mouths than murder and gunfire. So it is imperative that we practice healthy eating of balanced meals that include fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Fresh air and exercise should also be practiced as discipline of our body temple. living naturally and close to the earth is the healthiest way, far away from a worldly disconnect from nature.
It is also important to practice good hygiene. In most cases of sexual promiscuity, illegal drug use mixed with poor hygiene, lack of exercise and connection with nature, often leads to premature illnesses and death.


Moving as women into virtuous living is a step in the right direction. Creating home cottage business, growing our own foods, practicing culinary arts and crafts are positive and rewarding. We must be leaders and examples for our children to break the cycle of exploitation of our youth.

It is important that our young Black Princesses, know their value, worth and purpose and that they have self-esteem and knowledge of their cultural history. We must return our women to be the Queen Mother Goddesses that they truly are before the world and the earth.

"We must teach our youth true knowledge of self. to empower them with a legacy of wealth." Nuta Beqsu Amen-Ra

We must teach each of our young girls their self knowledge - to understand the power of their bodies, as a sacred temple of life, and to return their self esteem and self respect, not only for each individual girl and her family, but for her nation.

At Amen Par Ankh our Motto is: Teach a Girl- Heal a Nation.

We Celebrate Life with a group called You GROWW Girls. G.R.O.W.W. Stands for Gaining Resilience, Opportunity, Wellness and Wisdom. We teach young women how to live virtuously and how to withstand and endure with resilience, the test and trials of life. As we teach young women about the natural world, domestic engineering, arts and crafts, healing therapies, and Urban Agriculture, we in fact expose them to careers in STEMM(science, Technology Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) fields. The success and the future health and wellness of our communities, hedge within the wellness and healthy environment of  each of our girls. For it is within the nutrition, knowledge and cultivation of the minds, body and spirit of our young girls, and the health of their wombs that will disseminate and build the the success of future families and communities. We encourage young women to become entrepreneurs in home cottage industries and non conventional careers in STEMM- Technology, computers, biology and ecology. Our young girls learn Plant Identification of herbs and food nutrition. Teaching them to grow their own foods and learn about their own health and wellness.  We Invite you to join us and support our youth. Feel free to Contact us for our women's circles and study groups.

If you would like to volunteer or assist or enroll your young girls in the ages of 8 and 18, please Contact: Queen Ma Nuta Beqsu: 816-304-7240 or email us:

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