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Agenda 2020 For Indigo People

AGENDA 2020 For Indigo People



    Dr. Amos Wilson -Black Economics

    Kuumba(creativity), Ujamaa(cooperative economics) and, Ujima(Collective Works) Fundraiser project for our Homeschool cooperative.
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    Don't allow businesses outside of our own African American markets to capitalize on our culture and way of life by taking our black dollars to factory slave markets in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, India or Mexico, etc!

    We must practice Kuumba, Ujima and Ujamaa in all of our cultural ways.


    ...while we consume the trinkets from people and businesses that could care less about the equity and economic development for our people, under the most racist/white supremacy system in the world?!

    *An invader business is a business that targets and preys on the African American Population where they live in high concentrations. (Other Ethnic groups participate in their own group economics)... 

    *Invader businesses take our money behind glass barriers, 

    *These business owners do not look like us, don't support our economic agendas, and do not live in the communities they exploit to recirculate their dollars back into our community. 

    *Our dollars cannot recirculate to empower our people this way.

    #BlackOnBlackBanking #BlackOnBlackBusinesses #BlackOnBlackUjamaa #AmenAnkh

    We are outsourcing and wholesaling our economic revolution to everyone else but ourselves! We are wholesaling or buying from the markets of the fast-food franchise, Network Marketing, Dollar Stores and convenient Stores of Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian, Italian, Mexicans, Koreans etc., then turn around and retail to our Black people. They have been the plagues, parasites, and pestilence of our people for generations! This does not promote true dollar circulation. What are the Arabs, Chinese, Japanese etc. buying from us (African Americans)? 

    What do we African Americans, manufacture, provide or produce from our Industries or institutions? 

    Do outside nations and cultural organizations even listen to our music or put money in our church offering plates? Many Religious organizations have a dress code, yet even if we make our own clothes, Where do we get the fabric, Threads and Sewing machines from? We must move from a consumer-based economy to a production base.

    In the Spirit of Marcus Garvey, Growing our own foods are a great beginning. Putting our money into Black-owned banks is a great start. Yet, how do we hold these banks accountable, to grant us loans and investments? How do we raise the interest rate on our deposited money? How do we re-cultivate and regain our Black-owned Insurance and Investment products again?

    We (African Americans) must cultivate our own universal connections with other African international markets and exchanges. Africans must be willing to work universally with African Americans for products and resources. We have market places of Africans in America who regard African-Americans with contempt. They often come together under the banner of their religions and refuse to establish a fair exchange. So, Somalians, Ethiopians, Nigerians, etc., have often locked out African Americans from business alliances. 


    Here's some Claud Anderson as well:

    I was concerned over the recent address to Trump by Umar Johnson- here is my response:

    IMHO, 1)We need our own Sovereignty and Reparations. We should receive reparations as Bail-out Grants for access to land, water, energy, and any other resources, to build our own communities, to practice on our own way of life; just like Chinese, Japanese, And so-called remaining Native American Indians received.

    2)We don't need their Banks or loans.

    3)Why are you asking the same corrupt and oppressive government and racist system, for loans to build in a concentration camp? Loans would only degrade us back into this capitalistic system and assure the doom of our grandchildren into wage slavery. We live in a republic Kkorporatokrazy, full of economic hit-men, who still invade and destroy countries with Loans, creating indentured-slave-share-croppers, forced to outsource their resources.

    4)We need to pick up the Garvey baton to seek investors from Africa and the Caribbean to build our sustainable communities in the Americas and Africa.

    5)The reality is that they are not only seeking to mass incarcerate "some of us" into concentration camps, moreover- they seek GENOCIDE/DEPOPULATION. This is why there is an open season for killing Black-skinned people. We are considered by their think tanks, as expendable, chattel consumers and "useless eaters." They have enough of an overflowing of melanin people in school-to-prison pipelines of corporate prisons- all over the U.S.,  men, women, and children in their foster care, organ harvesting, rape culture, to breed their own population of slaves. The "brown" skinned, with their casino money,  have seized the opportunity to join hands with caucasians in sharing their Government territories of land and resources, at the expense of sacrificing the black-skinned aboriginal populations.

    Babylon system falling down! I look to the fall of this Neo Roman-Greco-Judeo Invader, Colonial Empire-Thief-dom any day now!- But I guess you don't want to hear from the over 40. I have NEVER supported Messy Jessie's FBI-PUSH-into-the-Rainbow, Al Sharp-tongue or even Far-a-coon. I am Natchez Aboriginal/Tutsi. My Ancestors survived the devil's punchbowl. I am NOT a Christian church religious follower, an NOI member, Hebrew Israelite, or any of the patriarchal propaganda distractions. I do practice the ways of KMT- East Afrikan spirituality, that I found was identical to that of the Natchez spiritual and cultural practices.  I was only 6 years old when Malcolm X was assassinated, and 9 years old when Dr. King Jr. was destroyed. I spent my adolescence overseas. I deeply resented being sent into enemy territory, every day by bussing and Integration. I was isolated as the only child of African descent in their miseducation Indoctrination schools of my class. Yet, I did not take on the values of the WASP(Western Aryan Sexist Paternalists) middle class.

    Since the time I was 21, I have been at war with CoIntell-Pro Cocaine and HIV. Yet, now, my age group is included, as the target and scapegoat for the failure of my children? No, My Parents (I had both in my household) did not have the means to start their own businesses, to pass inherited wealth legacy onto me and my siblings and grandchildren- They were redlined and steered into middle-class civil servant jobs...... Yet Still, I Rise...


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