Monday, February 1, 2016

Black Health: From Victim to Victory

By Nuta Beqsu Moses AmenRa El

As Indigo Women, we have always had a fertile connection as mothers and "Mother Earth."  We cultivated the most sophisticated collection of knowledge about the land, the elements, the seasons and the stars. Humans originating as indigenous gatherer-hunters, foraged the planet, following, studying and observing the herds of animals to find water, nutrients and resources, The Animals were our teachers. Then, we ate our teachers. I recall the "Mother Wit and Old Wives Tales" of the "Brews," "Potions," Tonics, Tinctures, Teas and Poultices that healed the ailments of Mothers' family and community. We ate a Mediterranean diet filled with an abundance and variety of living vivid colors, Fresh fruits and Vegetables.

Currently, most urban environments suffer from Nutritional Food Deserts, with the only oasis- an acidic vat of fast food restaurants and convenience and grocery stores filled with a toxic blend of imported, genetically modified organisms, processed, preserved and wrapped in plastic- play food  and high fructose corn syrup-carbonated beverages. Even our schools are filled with vending machines and cafeterias filled with processed and fried fake foods. Even the "fresh" fruits and vegetables are GMOs and highly preserved. As they linger for months in storage,then on gassed and refrigerated selves, they lack the nutritional content to support the physical and mental capacities of our youth, and end up promoting poor diet habits, lethargy, and lowered brain power. This leads us to the 5 major causes of the hand of Disease and Death- 
African Americans 10 Leading Causes of Death (Both Sexes, All ages)
1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Cerebrovascular Disease or Stroke
4. Diabetes
5. Unintentional Accidents
6. Homicide
8. Respiratory Disease
9. Nephritis, Nephritic syndrome
10. Septicemia

Homicide is the 6th leading cause of death in African Americans, not the 1st! So, our death weapon is food and lifestyle. We are killing ourselves more rapidly with what we put in our mouths long before we would kill each other with any other weapon! STOP THE KILLING! It is a wonder that our poor diets are the inducer of anti social behavior, violence and killing. Again, we are teaching our infants in the womb, then our children and teens; spiraling destructive habits, choices and behaviors. The diseases above are symptomatic with obesity. Yet in this day and age- when the food in the grocery stores are adulterated with growth hormones, obesity becomes an exacerbating consequence and effect. We are what we eat, so even though we are inflated with growth hormones in appearance, we are masking and not necessarily over eating, the symptoms of malnourishment.
U.S. Food Deserts


The Amen Par Ankh (sacred temple of life) was established to promote health and wellness in the most desolate areas in Kansas City, MO. to remove the hand of disease and Death for Indigo African Americans.

We can have sustainable urban communities! This starts with Feeding ourselves! 

  • Taking back our involvement with what we consume and feed to our families is the most empowering action we can take. We used to have victory gardens, as a way of  preparing for disaster, and being responsible to our families and community. Even the act of having a container garden full of herbs that can be grown indoors is an excellent start. If you are not ready to connect with nature and the foods you consume, then purchase your food, locally from local growers as often as possible. 
  • Participate and seek out  and get to know your urban growers and agriculturalist and locally grown food markets.

  • Get to know the people and how they grow their food.
  • We so often eat alone and on the run- we need to make time to sit down, prepare a meal with love, and eat together as family- at least once a week.
  • Find or make healthy snacks for your teens and yourself. Homemade Sunflower seeds, granola mixes, smoothies and even riding in your car with fresh fruit to quail the temptation to stop at a drive-thru window can save you time and money this is healthy and natural "FAST FOOD". 
  • Finding fresh water might be a problem now a days. Find alkaline and Spring water as often as you can. Collecting Rain Water and reconnecting with natural springs, can reconnect us to our foraging Ancestors.
  • Use glass, ceramic and stainless steal containers, instead of plastic.
  • We also must make time to exercise. Parking a few blocks from where you work, then walking, dancing, joining a sports team, or just a few calisthenics can start healthy heart habits. Reconnect with your spiritual and cultural value systems and ancestral folkways.
Your Body Temple
  •  We are living souls having a human, temporal, empirical experience
  • Take Care and treat your body as you would a temple. Your body is your organic "Space Suit"
  •  Connect to the earth around you as a steward and not in dominion.
  •  Establish Knowledge of Self- know your Destiny, Name, Health, Career & Relationship Consultations with the Aku (Contact the Amen Par Ankh by Appointment)
  •  Meditation/Visualization
  • Conscious Breathing
  •  Hydration: Drink 8 Glasses of Water per day
  •   Healthy Alkaline Foods in a balanced diet
  •   Recreation /Exercise
  •   Relaxation
  •   Get plenty of Sleep from Sunset-Sunrise- especially between 10pm-2am
  •   Maintain Normal Weight
  •  Use Whole (Left and Right Brain) stimulation
  • Spirituality/ Connection to Life- Plants- Animals
  • Value/Belief system
  •  Reduce/Remove Toxins and pollution from your body, mind and spirit

This seems like such a delicate bridge - from Capitalism to Self-Cultivation. Capitalism will only exploit and rape the natural resources from the land and use them for exploitation and greed, more than feeding ourselves and our family. It will draft and conjure a way, of taking these natural resource and put them on the market floor to sell... to grind into machinery or be used to feed a military agenda- this is ominous.

The mother is the first teacher of her children, so as you teach a girl, you teach a nation! As we return to feed ourselves, we can best provide the optimal health of our future generations. It is important to work to break the cycle of hereditary illnesses that can easily be eliminated with a healthy lifestyle of locally grown foods, exercise, non-toxic water, air, soil, and home environments, and positive relationships for our body, mind and spirit. What we feed to our children will effect the health and future success of our nation, for generations to come.

We must teach our youth true knowledge of self. to empower them with a legacy of wealth. We must teach each of our young girls their self knowledge - to understand the power of their bodies, as a sacred temple of life, and to return their self esteem and self respect, not only for each individual girl and her family, but for her nation.

At Amen Par Ankh our Motto is: 
Teach a Girl- Heal a Nation!

We Celebrate Life with a group called You G.R.O.W.W. Girls. GROWW Stands for Gaining Resilience, Opportunity, Wellness and Wealth. We teach STEMM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) through Art, biology and ecology. Our young girls learn Self Awareness, Plant Identification of herbs and food nutrition. They are growing their own foods and learning about health and wellness. Manufacturing of Home and domestic products using natural materials. Develop skills like sewing, canning Jewelry making and many other Crafts while they are also learning about alternative careers in STEMM fields. We Invite Young Girls between the ages of 8-18 and Mentors to join us and support our youth. Feel free to Contact us to learn more about our women's circles and study groups. Email QueenMa Nuta AmenRa at or, and Call Nuta Beqsu Moses aka Adenike AmenRa: 816-839-7945

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