Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Vegetarian Lifestyle to Heal the Hood

I used to be a strict vegan.  Now I'm vegetarian in the spring and summer and tend to eat a little fish and fowl as a garnish, in the fall and winter. I have learned that we hardly need to eat as much in portion of meat as we presently do. Eating meat as a garnish for me is like adding a little smoked turkey in my pot of beans greens for the oil and flavor, not as a main course.

What Is Food?

Food is any substance which is eventually converted into body tissues, body fluids, etc., and can be utilized by the organs in the performance of its functions. To be correctly classified as a food, a substance must:

Be capable of liberating energy when oxidized;
Be capable of being utilized for growth, maintenance and repair;
Be capable of being stored within the body and
Produce no nutritionally significant toxic effects

Nutrients in foods are chemical substances of known composition and structure, classified as carbohydrates (such as sugar, starch and glycogen); lipids (fats); proteins (amino acids linked together); salts (minerals); and vitamins, needed in small quantities (or, traces) by the body. In addition, foods contain indigestible materials—cellulose (fiber). Water, oxygen and vitamins, together with proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals, constitute the body—the blood, tissue, bones, organs, muscles etc. Foods must be taken into the digestive tract and prepared for use by the organism before their constituents may be used by the body.
Some plants are processed and eaten as food but they contain large amounts of oxalic acid and other poisons, and should not be used as food. Many plants which contain smaller trace amounts of oxalic acid are excellent foods. On the other hand, tobacco, cotton, soybeans, which are plants, contain proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water, which are the constituents of food. But these plants also contains considerable quantities of poisons. One of these is one of the most virulent poisons known to science. Therefore, tobacco, for instance cannot be a food. So soybeans and cotton seed oils can become controversial.

Why do we eat meat?

I speculate that human meat eating began as a necessity, when there was scarce vegetation, perhaps for those who migrated as pastoral herders, in deserts and eventually to colder, northern regions with a lack of sun. This migration was probably due to overpopulation in tropical or highly vegetative regions of the Earth (who would want to leave paradise and move to the cold?) I suppose that vegetable nutrients were acquired second hand, through the consumption of vegetable eating animals. This new location and food consumption style must have transformed anatomical and survival/thinking structures in people as well. It is true that you are what you eat yet, some people mistake meat as the only source for protein in their diet, ignoring the bounty of nuts and beans as an excellent source.

The Best Food Is Raw Food

In our discussion of food combining, cooked foods and flesh foods will be mentioned. Uncooked foods from the plant kingdom constitute the ideal Hygienic diet, for those not yet ready to use exclusively raw plant foods, information on food combining of other foods is included.

Food Combinations
I have learned that food portions and food combinations are a major factor in our diet. we eat way too much meat and processed carbohydrates, like yeast breads, pastas, Potatoes and rice. My new motto is "be a bigot to "white" foods!" Most white foods have been devitalized of nutrients and digestive content. White processed -flours, white rice, potatoes, white (and yellow) processed corn, and other processed starches, sugars, salt, etc., are so deleterious to our bodies. Also, to realize the genetic modification and growth hormones in these foods are veracious. So, the pursuit of whole foods are preferred.

'Food combining' refers to the choice of combination of foods which are compatible with each other -digestive chemistry. Food combining is a basic component of optimal nutrition because it allows the body to digest and utilize the nutrients in our foods to their fullest extent. By following the two basic rules below,
  1. Eat Proteins- with Fruit or Vegetables- Never eat a concentrated protein (meats) and a concentrated carbohydrates (breads, pasta sugar) at the same meal. (ie. cheeseburgers!)
  2. Eat Vegetables and Fruits separately- never at the same meal. (ie. Smoothies) 
HONORABLE DR. SEBI addressed many of our human dietary misconceptions. His perspective is to clear fungus, and acid- that feed bacteria and cancer from our bodies and modify our diet by eliminating mucus producing foods like dairy, meat and processed starch which causes inflammation. I think it’s important to teach our children right knowledge, in order to overcome our own self-inhalation. We must find ways to balance our Eco system and live more harmoniously with nature.  http://amen-parankh.blogspot.com/2013/07/electric-foods-how-can-eating-electric.html


I know that children are our future

In conclusion, we know that food is our fuel- as we become what we put into our mouths. I was amazed to see the statistics of the main causes of death in the African American population, to find that homicide is the 5th or 6th leading cause of death. Before that, Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancers, and High Blood Pressure ranked higher in the causes of death. Under the circumstances of high stress and outright hate that has been mounted upon Black people, the idea that we are killing ourselves more by what we put into our mouths than homicide, and how we think and feel to resort in killing, can be founded in what we put into our mouths, became a profound quest for solution, if not only for our seeds of the future- our children. I began to place my energy into teaching young people how to make healthy choices. In lower income neighborhoods, our children are under an onslaught of Fast Frankenstonian Fake Foods, often the primary food choices in the community. Even the nearest grocery store will be filled with low quality GMO varieties of foodstuff, that have gone through a tumultuous process for long-term preservation.

This process launch the initiative to Heal the Hood. My goal was to begin teaching healthy eating and positive life giving lifestyles into our youth. Many young people are found in a "latch key" state, where they spend time after school alone with few choices of good foods to eat. Then the parents may be likely to order pizzas or bring home a bag of junk food -chicken-ish or burglars and fries on their way home. Encouraging real fruit over a pop tart can be a challenge.

I choose to teach by example and started growing herbs and vegetables, right in my front yard. We forage local Dandelions, Clover, and Plantain, cooked as spring greens or juiced as a green energy shots or mixed into other fruit or veggie beverages. We collect the walnuts and acorns in the fall, capture maple and elm juice to make syrup and compost local leaves with food scraps, coffee grounds and barbershop hair ...
Front yard Herb and Veggie garden

Plantain Builds your immune system!