Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Katrina's Tragedy Lesson for Good Health

I remember watching the news and the follow-up of the Katrina hurricane, in its aftermath. The main thing that struck me about the reports was how people’s very lives were catastrophically affected by a failed system. The same technologies that enable an individual to live a longer life could be the very thing to kill them when that technology fails. As I listened on public broadcasts I learned that people went into shock and died, simply because, the electricity failed, and their insulin was no longer usable! The medical assistance was helpless to do anything. There was no efficient back-up plan for this kind of emergency crisis. We must strive not to be codependent on medical prosthetics like prescription drugs, to enable our lives and health. This “quick fix” way of thinking has made us more vulnerable to a very expensive medical outcome. The simple application of a proper diet and exercise can alleviate many ailments and suffering.

The big question (the elephant in the room) is; what is proper diet and exercise? I have heard so many things about alternative living that I am now putting into practice, to incorporate in my life and personal health routine. Like an alkaline diet, vegan and raw foods. Now that I have reach maturity, I want to return to more dancing, singing and Arts & Crafts. I have been so sedentary, and so stressed that I have sought to find a more balanced lifestyle. I have so many concerns about the adulteration of our natural environment, and how drinkable water and our food supplies are compromised. I wish to return and teach our youth about gardening, sprouting seeds, preserving food, as well as applying the properties of herbs to promote healing.